Todos Santos Mango Festival: Celebrate one of the most tasty fruits in Mexico!

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Mango season has arrived in the Los Cabos region and it’s time for the Mango Festival in Todos Santos.  This is a festival for one of the most known tropical fruit: Mango (no joke!). Expect in this festival to see an ample variety of gastronomic delicacies made with mango.  In this article, we’ll go deeper into the purpose and schedule of this famous festival in Todos Santos.  Brace yourself for the amazing Todos Santos Mango Festival, dedicated to one of the most delicious fruits in Mexico!

Todos Santos is a famous destination for being considered a ‘’Pueblo Magico’’.  Besides, its pristine virgin beaches, the great number of art galleries, and the countrified vibe of this place put it in one of the top places to visit in Mexico.

A festival for… mangos?

 You should know that the traditional cuisine of the Cabo region, is recognized by travelers who come to this magic place, as one of the best in Mexico.  It comes as no surprise that fruits such as mango are ideal for preparing sea dishes, meats, salads, and delicious desserts.  It is why this event came to life with the idea of celebrating such an amazing gastronomical culture.

Since the first time this event was celebrated in 2007, the Mango Festival has been a local favorite.  Families and travelers gather together to celebrate this sweet fruit.  Mango, which has its harvesting season in summer, offers Chefs and cooks the opportunity to stand out this endemic ingredient in all kinds of traditional dishes.  There’s more than meet the eye with this fruit.  Keep reading to uncover what happens during this festival and what makes this fruit so special in Todos Santos.

The perfect weather

Todos Santos is a community that, besides of having the ideal climate to cultivate mango, coconut, and other exotic fruits, it’s also a place with a great taste for gastronomical arts.  This is not a festival that came out of nowhere, but it was rather a planned idea to exalt the traditions and values of the Los Cabos region.  Having all kinds of gastronomic shows, art exhibitions, sales of arts and crafts and even sporting events, this is a one of a kind event on its own.  The mango festival is the breakpoint where art meets culture, and it all works out around food.

Todos Santos Mango Festival

 Besides all the mango worshiping in a top-rated cuisine, there’s much more to do an see in this festival.  Wander around in this place as you enjoy some folkloric ballet, artistic products, and souvenirs and even the coronation of the Mango Festival Queen!  All of this, within the same town charm.  Live music is also something big happening at the festival.  For the duration of the festival (around three days) expect live music around every corner.  And, why not?  Expect to see some dancing too!  Enjoy the enchant of Todos Santos as you stroll around listening to music, observing kids run and people have fun.

Expect some shows on how different dishes and traditional desserts are prepared during the day.  Also, mango trees are given away every year, so be aware of the dynamic they use to give it away and take home a mango plant!  Don’t forget the presence of local crafts exhibitors and acting and dancing live shows.  Entertainment is guaranteed in the Mango Festival.

For the gastronomic exhibition, there´s the tasting of typical treats and desserts made of mango.  Too many to count, so this is an experience you’ll have to live for your own!  This activity contributes to boosting the traditions and values ​​of the region.  Also from this, it’s great to have typical dishes made with mango, the emblematic fruit of the town.

Where and when?

The entrance to the festival is totally free!  And the unique dishes prepared during the day are very affordable.  So, there’s no excuse to not enjoy such an incredible festival without going bankrupt.  The Mango Festival in Todos Santos will take place on the last week of July and August.

Todos Santos is a one of a kind destination, let yourself be surrounded by this ‘’Pueblo Magico’’  impregnated with the mango aroma and taste!

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Visit the Todos Santos Mango Festival soon

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