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Habitas has recently revealed their new expansion plans after they have successfully launched an all-new 3D printed luxury hotel in Tulum along with another in Namibia.  They have now set their sights on Todos Santos in Baja Californis Sur, Mexico.  Todos Santos is only a one hour drive north from the San Jose del Cabo International Airport in Cabo.  And, the new Habitas Todos Santos location is right on the beach along the Pacific Ocean.  To provide more detail, the new Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel will span 24 acres along the coast.  This will mark Habitas’ second location in Mexico after the 2017 launch of their flagship location in Tulum, along the east coast of Mexico.

At the southern tip of Baja, watch Habitas build the entire Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel in only four months!  Just like all of their other properties, Habitas Todos Santos will operate under the Habitas brand.  As such, Habitas will offer an experience and lifestyle that is focused on wellness, experiences, sustainability, and community.  Finally, in Todos Santos, Habitas will redefine the concept of traditional luxury for all the world to see.  Read on to see more about the amazing Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel.

Uncover the extensive programming offered

You will find an extensive selection of programming that will be available for the guests at the new Habitas in Todos Santos. To explain, the programs include diving in Cabo Pulmo, hiking excursions and thrilling mountain biking in and around the Sierra de la Laguna, surfing the big Pacific waves, various fishing tours, and Habitas’ beautiful Sunset Sessions with crackling bonfires.  Also, there will be  Quetzal Sound Sensoroma, which are sound meditations that offer a higher level of relaxation that you must experience for yourself.

The Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel boasts no permanent environmental changes

Tthe developer community is now claiming that the unique approach of building a 3D printed luxury hotel does not include making permanent changes to the environment.  This is mainly due to the fact that most of the construction work is performed off site. The founders of Habitas decided to build their own factory along the east coast of Mexico, near Tulum.  As such, they chose to build modular structures using 3D printing technology.  After build, they are put into containers and shipped to the final location.  Once on site, the project will come together like Lego blocks.  That is how the Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel project will only take four months to complete.

Unique construction of Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel

Boasting its unique construction, the 3D printed luxury hotel project in Todos Santos will be done using Habitas’ own innovative build model.  They will construct this magnificent hotel using 3D printing in their own factory floor.  Then, they will assemble the hotel on-site in Todos Santos using only materials that are completely sustainable.  Next, they will use building practices that ensure a low environmental impact throughout the entire project.

Two phases – 80 rooms in total

Being built in two phases, Habitas will offer 80 rooms in total.  And the highlights of this new property will be truly stunning!  For example, there will be an ocean-front pool with panoramic views of the Pacific.  Also, you will find a holistic spa, an organic herb garden, and an exquisite farm-to-table restaurant that will truly satisfy your appetite any time of the day.

Habitas CEO and co-founder Oliver Ripley

Introducing the CEO of Habitas, Oliver Ripley, who has co-founded the Habitas brand back in 2016.  Joined by the other two co-founders, Eduardo Castillo and Kfir Levy, they launched the spectacular Tulum property back in 2017.  This proves their success with this outstanding and unique 3D printed luxury hotel construction model.  Now they will do it again in Mexico!

When their initial search had ended, Oliver Ripley and the other co-founders discovered an incredible beach property that simply blew them away.  Located on periphery of the town, it is within walking distance from the town center of Todos Santos.  This location offers the the best of both worlds with a location that is both secluded and close to town.

When discussing on the brand new Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel, Oliver Ripley has stated that it is far removed from the energy of Cabo San Lucas.  He went on to talk about how Todos Santos is an incredibly beautiful and historical town.  Next, he discussed the fact that a very magical group of people already live there.  He said that he and his co-founders fell in love with the people there and wanted to do something in that region…Todos Santos.

Habitas builds a better future

Commenting that it has been a humbling journey building the purpose around Habitas, Oliver Ripley said that everyone on the Habitas team is passionate about building a better future.  As such, they are going into the local communities and resourcing their teams from there.  They go in and set up a pop-up school at each location.  Then, they take them through a training program followed by employment.  They do this because, at the end of the day, they desire to be welcomed into local homes by local people.  So they have now made a commitment that every single project they execute is going to be the foundation for creating sustainable, viable economies wherever they build.

Heading into the future, Habitas has an aggressive launch pipeline over the next 12 to 24 months using the new Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel build model.  Additional properties are also planned in San Miguel de Allende as well as four more properties in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Middle East and several properties in Bhutan near the Six Senses and Aman.  Therefore, look for much more to come!

Habitas supports local communities

Oliver Ripley stated that the local community is also at the heart of the Habitas brand.  He says that they empower local communities through vocational training followed by jobs.  Also, they create sustainable micro-economies by purchasing a local supply chain of food and furniture for use within each Todos Santos 3D printed luxury hotel.

With the strong desitre to continue building sustainable resorts, Oliver Ripley says that Habitas will continue using a small footprint.  He says that Habitas is able to truly be sustainable after they build from the materials that they choose.  Then, they will minimize any permanent structure.  They use a lot of laminated lumber and beams to reduce lumber usage.  Every actual tree that they use, they replant in the local communities where they are building.  For example, in Namibia they are fully off the grid.

Habitas is using Tesla solar batteries to pump 30,000 litres of water per day from a well over 2km away from the hotel.  Finally, they are using that and recycling it for irrigation and being fully sustainable from power, water, and waste.

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