SOLOMONS NEW MENU: Check out how their new launch tops the town

Joining Bryan Solomon at his restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Solomon’s Landing, Nick Fong wants to find out more about their relaunch and their new menu.  He starts by stating that Solomon’s Landing is located on the marina, which is a landmark there.  Then, he goes on to say that they have relaunched in October of 2020.  He reveals how Solomons new menu will get you exciting about coming to Cabo to experience it for yourself.

After being invited to bring his family to eat there, Nick Fong sits at a table with Brian Solomon to get the exciting details.  In the video, you can see just how beautifully the cuisine there is prepared.  Continue reading to get to know Bryan Solomon and to uncover the great news about Solomons new menu.

Bryan Solomon reveals Solomons new menu

To begin, Bryan Solomon introduces himself.  He explains how he arrived in Cabo back in 1994 and then opened Solomon’s Landing in 1995.  Previously, he lived in the San Fernando Valley in California.  After starting Solomon’s Landing on the marina, it quickly became a landmark in Cabo San Lucas.

To announce Solomons new menu, Bryan decided to have a “new menu” party at the restaurant.  At this party, he introduced his three new certified chefs that are now on his staff.  And if that isn’t impressive, two of those chefs are “Cordon Blue” trained.

Bryan goes into detail about his menu.  He starts by telling Nick about how wonderful his plate will be.  Nick ordered the rib-eye steak.  The meat is ordered fresh, not frozen, and is cut in their kitchen.  Then, Bryan tells about one of his favorite items on the menu – the rib.  It’s served with a reduction sauce that takes it to a new level in flavor.  Next is the rack of lamb, which he mentions while showing a platter carried to a table.  It looks truly delicious.

After Bryan mentions plate after plate, from risotto dishes to vegetarian dishes, he tells Nick just how awesome Solomons new menu really is.  You can tell that a lot of heart went into each recipe and a lot of heart goes into preparing each dish, just for you.  Bryan promises that you won’t be disappointed.

Bryan’s heart-felt staff

After letting go a portion of his staff, Bryan now has now cemented a staff full of heart and passion.  Interestingly, his three new chefs are very supportive and they all work together to make Solomon’s Landing greater than ever before.  Everyone who works there is very inspiring.  They all share and support one another.

Bryan tells Nick that 2020 has been his most innovative year yet.  Regarding flavors, textures, plating presentations, and prices, everything at Solomon’s Landing has been hit out of the ballpark.  In fact, Bryan gives Nick a challenge.  He tells Nick to go find a better meal in Cabo.  After that, Nick points to you, the viewer, and challenges anyone to find a better meal in Cabo.  The point is this:  You won’t be able to, now that you can eat from Solomons new menu prepared by his precious chefs and staff.

Wine pairing at Solomon’s Landing

Solomon’s Landing selects premium wines with their host sommelier, which is a wine steward – a trained and knowledgeable wine professional.  To elaborate, a sommelier normally works in gourmet restaurants and specializes in all facets of wine, wine service standards, and wine pairing with various cuisines.  Then, Bryan Solomon, the owner, works directly with the host sommelier to determine the best wine pairings for each dish.

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