Shopping in Cabo: discover how to do it the right way!

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Los Cabos is well known for its tropical weather and the beautiful beaches surrounding the region.  But, there’s a hidden secret that only a few know about:  Cabo shopping opportunities.  Yes, in Los Cabos, shopaholics discover that they can buy practically everything they’re looking for.  From exclusive items like custom-made furniture and jewelry to high fashion and world grade art, you’ll find everything you need right in Cabo.  There are a handful of shopping centers where you can shop your heart away.  Keep reading, and learn more about shopping in Cabo the right way!

Shopping and traveling are two closely related activities.  In every trip, we search for the perfect reminder of our experiences in the shape of a souvenir.  These objects provide us a way to remember our feelings for the destinations we’ve visited.  And, we love to surprise our loved ones with a little keepsake.  Los Cabos is no exception when it comes to finding these special items you can buy to remind yourself of your time there.  Please allow me to show you the perfect places where you can find these special treasures, both for you and the ones you love.

Shopping in Cabo: Doing it the right way

In Cabo San Lucas, as a crowded place from people around the world, offerings go from inexpensive curios to the highest-quality merchandise.  You can explore around this shoppers heaven on foot if you have a day or two to explore the great places to go shopping in Cabo.  Enjoy the lively downtown shopping district and also the view of the sea from the Marina.  Cabos’ Marina is another incredible mixture of views and experience where you’ll find about anything you might be looking for.  Keep reading and learn more about how to go shopping in Cabo correctly.

San José del Cabo Shopping experience

San José del Cabo as a quiet colonial town had lived in the shadow of Cabo San Lucas for some years.    Due to its nearness and yet the differences in between both places, there has been a different kind of tourist for each place.  You look for a crowded place with lots of activities to try?  Los Cabos San Lucas is your best choice.  Are you trying to ease off stress?  San José del Cabo and it’s laid back lifestyle is what you need.  But, it’s different when it comes to shopping.  As we already explained, this is something we all look for at some point.  It’s just the items we look for that are different, and San José del Cabo offers a great deal of variety also!

Chill and artsy, San José has plenty of choices in the historic downtown area for a day of relaxed shopping.  Many of the shops are centered in the area of the main plaza and church.  As you go around the goods and treasures you can purchase, enjoy the sights of this historic town.  The incredible architecture, charming atmosphere and the cafes in every corner will make your shopping trip more than pleasant.

Popular places to go shopping in Cabo

Whether if you’re in the lookout for high couture clothing, jewelry, art, or just traditional goods, don’t worry!  Los Cabos offers an ample variety of shopping options that can fit every budget and fulfill all tastes.  Here, we’re going to list some of the best shopping spots you have in the Cabo region.

Puerto Paraiso Mall

This is a three-level mall with over 100 shops with a diversity going from elegant clothing to leather jackets and boots.  As well as 10 movie theaters and a bowling alley!  Definitely, a place where you’ll never get bored and you’d take days to explore.  Have lunch or dinner when you’re taking a break from shopping in one of the many restaurants here.  Also, art galleries and live entertainment shows are a reality here.  See it for yourself, this is an incredible spot to start with your shopping spree for sure!

Eclectic Array

Eclectic Array is a place where they empower artisans to create unique handmade products.  This way, they create a connection with consumers and transform lives with the roots of Mexico.  This is a team that has incredibly talented artisans from various regions of the country.  They all make beautiful items typically used for home decor and clothing.  The variety is immense and the quality is one-of-a-kind.

The flea market at the Cabos’ Marina

Take a stroll downtown in Los Cabos San Lucas and admire a large variety of items to choose from.  See typical handmade Mexican crafts, high-quality textiles, straw hats, and silver jewelry.  There’ll be many restaurants and cafes nearby.  Furthermore, some vendors even accept credit cards, and U.S. currency in case you forget to plan properly for your trip to Cabo.

Whether you prefer traditional goods in an outdoor market or just glancing at luxury offerings in a modern mall, Cabo truly has something for every shopper!

Los Cabos real estate

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