Things to do for seniors in Cabo: Enjoy leisure by the sea!

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Are you a senior looking for sunshine, sand, and leisure by the sea?  You’ve come to the right place.  With such an abundance of activities for seniors in Cabo, this is important to reveal.  It’s time to enjoy your time during retirement in a beautiful Mexican destination.  And, Cabo stands out as one of the best destinations for recreation and relaxation.  In fact, seniors in Cabo make up the majority of the population.  So, read on to uncover the best things to do in Cabo for seniors.

Activities for seniors in Cabo

When you arrive in Cabo, you’ll quickly discover that many of the activities involve the water.  And, with so many beautiful beaches with panoramic views, it’s no wonder.  Cabo is a great place to take it all in and enjoy your leisure time in peace.  There is an ample variety of activities for seniors in Cabo, and below are some of your best options.

Boat rides

If leisurely recreation is what you’re looking for, consider exploring the Sea of Cortez in comfort on a yatch or sailboat.  There are tours available every hour of the day in Cabo.  And, take an “early birds” tour to enjoy the great vistas on the calm, morning sea.  But, if you require a mid-day siesta, there are also many afternoon tours that include lunch.  Finally, join one of the famous Cabo sunset cruises to end your day the right way.  The Cabo sailing options are endless.  And, you can start your day, add to your day, or end your day gazing at the majestic shoreline.


One of Cabo’s best-kept secrets is it’s great locations for snorkeling.  Much of the coastline is made up of beautiful sandy beaches, with fairly featureless sea floors.  But, there are a few locations that are simply spectacular for snorkeling.  From the great abundance of sea life, to the beautiful rocky and coral-rich sea floors in these select locations, you will not be disappointed.

Snorkeling trips typically last around two to three hours.  And, you can choose the perfect time of the day.  So regardless of the leisurely activities you choose to do in Cabo, snorkeling is the perfect way to balance recreation and relaxation!

Whale Watching

One of the most famous activities in Cabo is whale watching.  Therefore, be sure you enjoy a whale-watching tour when you visit.  Just keep in mind, the whale-watching season lasts from November to March.  And, the peak of the season is during December and January.  That’s when you can see baby whales!  Cabo hosts the migration of many breeds of whales for several months.  So, schedule your tour and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Don’t worry about physical mobility while on your whale-watching tour.  The professional staff will provide you with the best seats and all the help you may need.  So, bring binoculars and get a clear view of these oceanic encounters for yourself.

Activities for senior in Cabo ashore

Beyond water activities on the spectacular Sea of Cortez, there’s a great diversity of activities to do ashore.  From relaxing activities to action-packed fun, there’s much more to do for seniors in Cabo.  Keep reading to learn all about what you can do ashore in Cabo.

Golfing in Cabo

Cabo offers many golf courses, and most are easily accessible.  They provide gentle exercise, plenty of vitamin D enriched sunshine, and some fun recreation!  Golfing will also provide unexpected opportunities to face endemic wildlife and fauna.  This is definitely one of the favorite Cabo activities for seniors.

The San Jose Estuary

Head inland to find the extraordinary San José estuary.  This is home to more than a hundred species of exotic birds, including some endangered species.  And, this estuary offers amazing scenery to take in while enjoying your leisurely stroll.  Have your camera ready, as the plethora of elegant birds show you their grace in their natural habitat.  Enjoy all that the San Jose Estuary has to offer without taking too much effort.

Explore the Cabo coastline

If you enjoy feeling the soft sand under your toes, and maybe even getting your feet wet, Cabo offers miles and miles of gorgeous coastline for you to explore.  Drive, bike or stroll, and take yourself through the stunning rock formations and outstanding ocean vistas.  In Cabo, a simple walk can become an awe-inspiring experience!

As this article shows, as a senior traveler visiting Cabo there’s plenty of activities for you to decide on.  Never get away from the Sea of Cortez or enjoy its views from the distance ashore, it’s up to you to decide what suits you best.  Live your best life doing one of these activities for seniors in Cabo!

Strolling around downtown Cabo

There’s an abundance of shops and places to eat in downtown Cabo.  And, as you stroll around, you’ll enjoy this unique scenery as you go.  Discover a world of local and international cuisine.  And, try some local wineries and breweries to have a drink to accompany your experience.  As you stroll, you may even see the local fauna roaming around the streets.  Hummingbirds, iguanas, and desert falcons, there’s much to see!   Cabo is full of surprises.

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