Sea lions in Cabo: Come let these friendly creatures welcome you to Land’s End

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Little is spoken about one of the most impressive experiences that you can have in the Cabo:  Meeting sea lions! Without a doubt, this will turn out to be a special occasion for everyone who joins you, especially little kids!  Live the journey of being welcomed by these friendly creatures and see them sunbathing on rocks above the sea. The main place to find them is in Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas at the famous arch.   This is one of the great attractions that you just ought to certainly visit. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is an outstanding rock formation.  It’s carved by time and salt standing in the currents right between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.  If you want to learn more about sea lions in Cabo and where to meet them, just keep reading this post!

Upon arrival at Land’s End, you’ll begin to hear the peculiar howls that are the threshold to an incredible view.  As the boat slows down, Sea Lions will start to gather around to say hi and of course, wait for some food too! Discover in this adventure the charming temper of these wild animals and their colonies.   Furthermore, on these tours, you also get important information about their nature and lifestyle in the Cabo region. Definitely, a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Imagine being in such calm waters with an impressive magnificence and in this landscape live an astonishing encounter to see a colony of Sea lions.  Hence, be prepared to be amazed by this incredible experience and don’t forget to bring your camera!

Learn about the sea lions in Cabo

There are four different types of sea lions that you can find in the Cabo region.  For this reason, if you’re traveling to Los Cabos, visiting the sea lion colonies is a must!  Sea lions are aquatic mammals that move around from cold to warm waters throughout the year. They love the sun and for this reason, love the weather in Cabo.  You’ll be able to see them playing around near the beach or on top of rock formations in the sea. The four kinds that you’ll find there in Cabo are California sea lion, sea elephant, seal, and thin-skinned sea lions.  Don’t miss out on this experience, when near the colonies jump into the water with your respective snorkeling gear! As friendly as sea lions are, you’ll be able to swim around with them, enjoying the panoramic underwater world as well.

Characteristics of Cabo’s Sea lions

Sea lions belong to the ‘’eared seals’’ species.  One of their distinctive signs are the external ear flaps on most of the four types in Cabo.   Furthermore into detail, you can tell the difference between a male and a female by the size. Get to be a great observer and identify these beautiful animals for a more fulfilling experience.  An interesting fact about these mammals is their speed and agility. As funny looking as they are, they’re also very agile and fast. It’s most impressive to observe a full-grown male, 7 feet long and weighing more than 700 pounds hunting and swimming underwater!  They usually hunt for squids, sardines or other fish, but don’t be worried to be attacked as they’re playful and harmless.

Sea lions generally inhabit and migrate in packs.  This characteristic has become a peculiar attraction for all of those who are interested in getting close to these beautiful animals.  With this unique opportunity, you can get close to sea lions and enjoy the marvelous landscape. They reproduce between May and August so that you know now when you need to be in the region if you want to see the little newborns, also they don’t migrate, so there is the chance to see them year-round.

Getting close to these beautiful mammals

This emblematic place is only accessible by boat, but when we arrive here we find another pleasant surprise that we will talk about a little more.  Colonies of sea lions and seals live around this beautiful rock formation environment and sea. By visiting these friendly mammals at the arch at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas, it is easy to see that they have become accustomed to human visitors and have become social beings and sometimes friendly enough to pose for photographs with the tourists as they seem to enjoy their coexistence with men.  It’s this same adaptability that has helped them adapt more easily to both warm places and cold places, including the desert heat of Los Cabos.

Be on the lookout for unique Sea-lion sights

The Sea of Cortez has become the home to several colonies in the Cabo region.  The reason is the warm waters and also the tourists coming every year. Why is that you may ask?  Well, sea lions seem to enjoy the company of people, and of course, receiving snacks every time they can!  But, don’t forget that you have to be very respectful of their ecosystem and colonies.

When you visit Land’s End and these mammals colonies, you’ll notice right away how they’re used to visiting travelers.  And, one of the favoring distinctions sea lions have, is their sociable behavior that helps them adapt easily to their surroundings. These mammals are very playful and although they look very lazy when they are sunbathing on the rocks they’re very intelligent also.  Actually, some sea lions are even trained to perform various tasks in zoos or even the U.S. Navy for military operations!

Some aspects to identify sea lions in Cabo

First of all, male adults are huge, almost seven feet long and weighing around 850 pounds.  They also have a ‘’crest’’ that stands out almost 2 inches at the top of their heads. Females, on the other hand, are about a third smaller than males and do not have the crest.  Also, females are of a lighter brown color than males.

Furthermore, younger sea lions going from one to three years old may look like females because of their lighter color and their smaller size, identifying without getting mixed up, can get complicated though!  And finally, calves are unmistakable for their small size, which is around 20-30 inches. Another thing to identify them is that you’ll always find them not far from the shore, as they’re not very good swimmers just yet.

Swim and dive with sea lions in Cabo

There are many ways in Cabo to interact with sea lions: you can dive with them in Cabo San Lucas or you can see them closely on a snorkel excursion in Espiritu Santo island, Cabo Pulmo or Loreto.  So now you know for next time. Better be ready with binoculars and a good camera, because you’ll want to have something to remember this experience, for life. Take on this great adventure, if ecotourism is your thing and you enjoy nature, don’t miss this opportunity.  This is the adventure of a lifetime with marine mammals and amazing landscapes. Don’t miss out, meet and greet the sea lions in Cabo!

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Visit the sea lions in Cabo soon

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