Nick Fong joins Bill Pipes of @Tom Ferry: Producing Real Estate Agents

Now that Ronival Real Estate has expanded throughout Baja California Sur, Nick Fong is excited to take you on this new weekly adventure.  In The Nick Fong PODCAST, Nick and his guests reveal what happens in Baja – from culture and food, to real estate and property management.  And, they cover the magical towns in Baja such as Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreo and Todos Santos.

In this first episode of The Nick Fong PODCAST, Nick’s special guest, Bill Pipes, joins Nick to share some ground-breaking tips and tricks with you.  Bill is both a personal friend and a real estate coach for Nick Fong and his team of real estate professionals.  And like Nick Fong, he is passionate about real estate and Baja California Sur.

Continue reading to learn some great real estate insight from the best in the business.

The story of Bill Pipes real estate journey

Meeting with Nick for this first PODCAST, Bill Pipes opens up about his real estate lifetime journey – his story.  He’s the second in command of the @Tom Ferry organization and has helped many teams in his career to succeed.  In fact, he is regarded as one of the best real estate coaches in the world.

Bill Pipes reveals his background and he tells his invaluable story about success. As he states in the video, it all started with his mom.  She was a real estate agent when Bill was a teenager. At that time, Bill watched his mom struggle.  In fact, she ultimately fail in the real estate business.  To survive, she went back to being a Paralegal. After that, Bill simply wanted to understand why she failed to succeed.

Watching his mom work so hard, listening to audio tapes and reading books to gain ideas and insight, Bill says that nothing worked.  But after she failed, something clicked inside of Bill’s head.  He decided to uncover what makes people successful.  He wanted to prevent others from suffering failure like his mom.

After some years had passed, Bill met a man named Mike Ferry.  He calls Mike the Godfather of real estate training around the world.  So while Bill was in a PhD program to become a Literary Professor, Mike Ferry revealed that he wanted to train Bill on how to be successful real estate. Right then, Bill realized that was exactly what he had been waiting for.

Learn Bill Pipes’ real estate tips & tricks

According to Bill Pipes, success comes from maintaining an “always learning” mindset and always finding patterns for success.  He defines this mindset to be humble and always trying to learn more – stay hungry. Then, look for patterns. Success really does leave clues. If you carefully watch and learn, you will see patterns for success and patterns for failure. Therefore, take note of these patterns that you see.

In the video, Bill Pipes reveals one of the biggest tips for new agents. Surround yourself with people who are doing more than you. He says to take them to lunch and absorb everything from their knowledge and experience running a real estate business.  These successful people provide insight and truly correct and enhance what you are currently doing as you grow your own real estate business.

There is a common pattern for success revealed by Bill.  Successful real estate agents and brokers are always learning. As such, the “always learning” mindset will take you far if you’re humble and you pay attention to the patterns of those who have succeeded.

Always utilize a mentor and a coach

Having already been successful as a real estate broker, after Nick Fong signed up for coaching, his real estate brokerage exploded and expanded rapidly.  According to Bill Pipes, put someone in your life who will inform you what to do and what not to do.  As such, when your steps are guided by a coach and a mentor, their insight will help you maintain the path to success.  That means, you’ll avoid the mistakes they made in the past.

Even if you are already a thriving Real Estate agent, watch and listen to this episode.  You will truly gain insight from the best in the business.  Both Nick Fong and Bill Pipes have succeeded in a big way.  And they wish to share their knowledge with you.  Now, scroll back up and watch the video.  Or, listen to this episode of The Nick Fong PODCAST on Spotify at

Baja California Sur real estate

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Ronival on YouTube

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