Peaceful Cabo activities: Finding calm in Cabo San Lucas

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There are many people who enjoy the thrilling and adventurous side of a vacation in Cabo.  But, like you, there are others searching for peaceful Cabo activities, for rest and relaxation.  So, here are some peaceful Cabo activities where you can chill out in this wonderful place!

There’s no doubt how stressful life can be.  Modern times have us working more hours and longer work weeks.  Trying to evade this reality, we go in search of a slower pace.  Sometimes, we imagine ourselves on a deserted island.  We all want to make the best out of our time in Cabo.  And, it’s easy to get swept up in planning peaceful Cabo activities for each of your vacations days.  But worry not!  In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the options for you to find peace and relaxation in Cabo.

After this, we can assure you that you’ll get back to your daily life ready to hustle.

Most peaceful Cabo activities

Sometimes hard to find, peace and tranquility have become something we all look for.  Luckily, Cabo is the place to be if you’re searching for peaceful activities.  So, keep reading to uncover the different Cabo activities for those not-thrill-seekers!

Sun bathing

Having the fame of a VERY sunny place, averaging 300 days of sunshine a year, Cabo is the place for you to increase your serotonin and replenish your vitamin D levels.  It is known that sunlight makes us feel happier both, physically and psychologically and, although you can get a reasonable amount of vitamin D eating properly, comparatively 10 minutes of sunlight for our bodies can improve your vitamin D levels more than food does!

People can sometimes be so affected by the lack of natural light that it could lead to tiredness and a condition most commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or “SAD.”  Exposure to sunlight increases serotonin levels, one of the chemicals in our brain in charge of the feeling of happiness.  Of course, it’s important to go sun bathing safely, especially if you’re not used to tropical locations like Cabo.  Therefore, always use sunscreen, keep hydrated, and seek shade at regular intervals.

So go ahead and boost up that positive mood by doing nothing more than laying in the sun, bathing on the sands of a soothing beach in Cabo.

All aboard!

In Cabo, there are many water-based activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and cruising.

Being in the sea, swaying with the waves and listening to the gentle swash and splash of the water creates a natural calming effect that’ll help you achieve a meditative and peaceful state. In contrast with snorkeling and scuba diving, cruising on a ship, will make you live the full experience without moving a finger!

Let the sound, smell and sight of water ease your thoughts and give your mind a break from the daily routine.  This’ll definitely alleviate any symptoms of mental stress.  Simply put, cruising on a ship is without a doubt, a revitalizing experience.

One of the best things about cruising in Cabo is that there are trips almost every hour of the day.  So pick your schedule and get on board, no planning or booking prior.  The only things you’ll need are a few hours to spare and the will to unwind.  Keep in mind the options: morning cruises being great to start the day with a fresh and clear head, while sunset cruises are your option to finish your day meditating about your day.  Don’t forget that cruises, typically offer food and drink options, and a dedicated staff ready to serve you will assure you everything is taken care of.  Sit back, relax.

Spa day

A less known fact about Cabo is the wide range of spas in town.  Many of them feature luxurious tropical themes and beach front views.  Now imagine having a massage, which is great for relaxation, and add to this the incredible surrounding and the professional attention given.  Undoubtedly a tension reliever!

There’s a diverse variety of amenities you can get visiting a Spa, besides a massage, like: pedicure, body scrubs, dip in a Jacuzzi or getting into a steam room.  This treatments will help you on your path to the transformative effect of self-care and health.  Choosing the proper amenity will involve yourself in a detox process, not only physical, but also for your mind.

Nourish yourself and take positive time to escape from daily life into a more insightful moment.

Peaceful Cabo activities  

While some of the peaceful Cabo activities on this list are scientifically proven in soothing and stress-relieving, Cabo’s atmosphere on its own demonstrates it is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to ease off.  Its warm climate, ocean sights and the enriching town culture, can bring more peace than any other place.  Whatever you decide to do, you’ll surely leave Cabo refreshed, composed, and with a new perspective of life.

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