Outdoor design trends in 2020: See what tops the list

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Since summer has arrived, during a global pandemic like none we’ve seen in modern history, spending time outside is more important than ever.  But while many stay-at-home requirements have diminished in many states around the U.S., you will continue to find some restrictions in different locations. And, most people are cautious and practice some form of social distancing wherever they go.

Following such a difficult season in the first half of 2020, everyone is looking forward to spending time outdoors, now that it’s summer.  That means, it is more important than ever to design a resort-like space out in our own backyards. So whether you have a giant space with a pool, or just an condominium balcony, read more to see what tops the 2020 list of outdoor design trends.

Outdoor bars are very popular

Wayfair Professional released a report at the end of April that shared search trends revealing what their customers were looking to buy for summer. Interestingly, one of the most profound findings was that searches for outdoor bars had increased by 155 percent. It may be easy to understand why, after you read the data. One obvious reason it that like a colorful pool float, simply viewing an outdoor bar will put you in a more festive mood.

Another interesting detail from the report was that searches for outdoor dining areas  and kitchens had increased by a whopping 130 percent. Of course, building an outdoor kitchen is a major undertaking just is not an option for many people. Therefore, an outdoor bar, such as a three piece bar set provides a far less expensive option and is a much easier outdoor bar to set up.

A typical three-piece bar is made up of a bar and two matching stools. It’s stylish and fun to use all-year-round. When choosing a bar set, make sure the back of the bar features shelves for storing bottles, glasses, and all the extras you wish to use when entertaining your friends and family.  Use an outdoor bar serving cart as the perfect alternative if your space is limited.  Make sure it’s easy to move around and will store everything you need for cocktails, right inside the cart.  Also, it should have handles for easy moving.

If you do have space for a nice outdoor bar, but you like some of the bar cart options out there, a bar cart can also be used in conjunction with your outdoor bar or kitchen depending on the layout of your outdoor space. Overall, bar carts are a longstanding trend that won’t be going away any time soon.

Using prints outside

It may be difficult to decorate with prints inside your home, but outside, it’s far easier to take liberty with this colorful trend. As an example, while Beverly Hills Hotel inspired palm leaf prints have been popular for many years now, it is quite intimidating for many people to decorate with a boldly printed sofa or chair in a living room.

Consider using throw pillows, cabana chairs and stools using various fabric choices.  Some examples include floral, animal prints, botanical designs, and basic stripes.  By just using a few throw pillows, or the use of brightly printed cabana chairs and stools, you can instantly improve the look of your space outside.

Pool fencing made of glass

Pool fencing is almost never aesthetically pleasing to anyone, but Aquaview pool fences quickly change that perception. Founded by friends and entrepreneurs Jordan Goodman and Kelly Maynard, the brand was even featured on TLC’s Make This Place Your Home, just to make the point.

Made from stainless steel and half-inch thick tempered safety glass, Aquaview fences are look great.  And, they have many advantages over traditional pool fencing. Unlike other materials, glass provides an unobstructed view.  Also, it won’t detract from landscaping or other architectural features.  Believe it or not, this may even increase your property value.  That makes for a smart investment indeed!

Glass is also a better choice for safety as compared to standard pool fencing.  For example, it’s far easier for homeowners to keep an eye on children and pets through glass. It also discourages intruders and animals from getting into the pool area because glass cannot be climbed.

Custom made for your property – your specific layout, every Aquaview fence is surprisingly low maintenance.  All you have to do is wash it with soap and water every few weeks or so.

To present some of their largest projects, Aquaview has installed their products in residential properties such as the homes of Sam Nazarian, the CEO of SBE Entertainment Group TME , Dave Grutman, the CEO of Groot Hospitality, and in DJ Khaled’s residence in Miami, FL.

Outdoor furniture made from rope

Believed to have originally started as a coastal-style decor, outdoor furniture made out of rope is now trending in a big way in 2020.  In fact, it’s one of the biggest trends so far this year.  And now that the rope-furniture style has evolved in so many ways, it can fit in almost any exterior design.

You can now find outdoor furniture made from rope in many different colors and styles, from simple and rustic, to elegant and modern.  Metals like aluminum are used for frames, and various types of upholstery are used to match your theme.  From chic to rustic, large dining tables to small bistro sets, you can find rope furniture to fit any outdoor setting.

Lighting for your outdoor space

To enjoy your outdoor space every evening, you must install sufficient outdoor lighting.  You will always get the most out of your outdoor space, especially since it’s cooler at night.  And according to many outdoor designers, one of the best ways to put up outdoor lighting is to use easy-to-install plug-in landscape lighting kits.  These kits make for a great night-time outdoor setting without having to deal with the headache and expense of professionally-installed outdoor landscape lighting.  They come complete with LED lights and plenty of wire length to spread them around creatively.  Also, they come in different styles and prices depending on your budget.

Installing your landscape lighting kit is easy.  Just place the lights strategically around your outdoor space, plug them in, and you’re all set.  They come with built-in dusk-to-dawn sensors so the lights will turn on automatically when the sun goes down and back off at sunrise.  Use your outdoor lighting kit to highlight certain features in and around your outdoor space.  For example, wrap them around a railing or a tree and also use them to highlight your walkways, making them safe.

Use traditional Outdoor Rugs outside

Outdoor rugs are an easy way to elevate a dining area. As design trends overall lean more towards contemporary and transitional looks, it’s easy to understand why traditional rugs are trending this season. “You used to be able to spot an outdoor rug because they were usually bold and graphic looking, lots of stripes. We’re seeing more traditional looking rugs made for the outdoor setting. So, you don’t have to have a bold trellis pattern or bright blue stripe outdoor rug anymore. You can style your outdoor areas in a more updated traditional look with more ornate patterns,” says Marks.

One example of this is the Jaipur Indie Farra Indoor/Outdoor Rug. Available in four colors, the vintage-inspired design is versatile and can complement a variety of materials from teak wood to wicker and aluminum.

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