Medical services in Cabo: Dr. Mangino is your best source for orthopedics

Medical tourism might not sound like a familiar term to you, but over the last few years, the search for medical services in Cabo has become an important reason for people from other countries to visit.  So, what exactly is medical tourism?  Read on to uncover the facts about this interesting journey and why you should choose Dr. Gerardo Mangino.

Medical tourism in Los Cabos

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Medical tourism is, basically, traveling abroad for specialized or more-affordable medical care.   Nowadays, thousands of Americans, Canadians, and people from around the world are crossing the border into Mexico to get quality and affordable medical services.  And, one of the most visited cities for this activity is Los Cabos.  There’s no doubt about its touristic fame.  But lately, people have realized just how easy and economical their medical services in Cabo can be.  Just imagine paying one-third of the price for the same great service while visiting such a beautiful place!

Among the medical services in Cabo you can receive, one of the best facilities all-around is for orthopedics like Hip and Knee Replacement.

Dr. Gerardo Mangino and his H+ hospital

Dr. Gerardo Mangino will treat you in the most professional way in his brand new Hospital H+ Los Cabos, which delivers a new level of quality medical services in Cabo.  He graduated in 1998 as a Surgeon by UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México or National Autonomous University of Mexico in English).  And, he received the title of Orthopedic surgeon by the same institutionin 2004.

An AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) member, and a US-trained Hip and Knee replacement specialist, Dr. Mangino is based in Los Cabos.  He’s been in the Cabo region for the past 11 years.  And now, he’s considered one of the best orthopedic surgeons in all of Mexico.  As a bonus, he speaks perfect English.

You are able to come and enjoy Cabo before, and even after your procedure!  And worry not about finding a great place to stay.  You’ll find this hospital is surrounded by hotels and restaurants that’ll help you have a great time.  Be sure to arrive in Cabo at least one day before the procedure.  Then, plan to stay at least 10 days for the entire procedure and process.  Dr. Mangino checks on his patients for at least a week to confirm the recovery progress is going well.  He provides a very personal treatment for each of his patients who receive medical services in Cabo.

The best hip and knee replacement Doctor in Mexico

After her knee replacement procedure, Christy Pyles from the United States wrote ‘’I received a total knee replacement from Dr. Mangino at the H+ hospital, Now, 4 weeks after surgery, I continue to exceed the range of motion expectations and I am healing well. I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Mangino for any future needs and would recommend his services and equipment to anyone who needs it.’’  And just like this, there are many more testimonies that’ll assure you Dr. Mangino and his services are the best!

Now you know!  He’s an excellent hip and knee replacement specialist.  And not only that, he also treats sports injuries.  Orthopedic surgery, Dr. Mangino explains, is what works for your elbows or shoulders too, when in need of minimal surgical procedures for your joints after a damaging sports injury.

Medical services in Cabo plus more

Be sure to extend your stay by two or more days so you can explore and enjoy Cabo.  Click <Cabo Sites and Attractions>  to discover all that Cabo has to offer.  You’ll uncover a variety of opportunities for excitement and fun on any budget.  And if you want to put your newly-restored joints to good use, check out Top-10 Cabo golf courses that will take your breath away.

If you live in Cabo part or full time, it’ll be even easier for you.  Very accessible times, doctors, prices, you name it!  They have it all.  Think about Cabo as one of the best places to have medical services, enjoy some time off and even a special discount for Los Cabos Agent clients!

Los Cabos real estate

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Come visit soon

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