Los Cabos medical care: Discover the wealth of healthcare options in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Are you coming to Los Cabos, Mexico, soon and want to confirm that there’s quality, affordable medical care in Los Cabos?  Or, are you currently staying in Los Cabos and are looking for some good Los Cabos medical care?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Please read on to find out how good it is, how affordable it is, and what to look for.

First off, you’ll notice that Los Cabos medical care is much more affordable than what you’ll find in the United States.  To be specific, it typically costs less than half the price of the United States.  And, as I’ll detail below, the quality is very similar if you go to the right place.

Top 5 Los Cabos medical care centers

Los Cabos has a number of well-equipped hospitals and medical centers.  And, most Los Cabos medical care centers are staffed with well-trained physicians who are certified in both the United States and Mexico.  Also, many of them are bi-lingual.  According to Yelp, here are the top five Los Cabos medical care centers:

Blue Net Hospitals

Located in Cabo San Lucas, Blue Net Hospitals is number one on two of Yelp’s lists.  It’s number one on their Los Cabos list, which includes both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.  And, it’s number one on their Cabo San Lucas list, which only covers Cabo San Lucas itself.  Therefore, based on feedback from previous patients and clients, you should have a good experience if you ever need to visit them.

According to their website, they have “a wide range of specialized medical services with a hospital in Cabo San Lucas. Our facilities include a 24/7 emergency room, hospital, operating room (OR), intensive care unit (ICU), clinical laboratory, imaging center, pharmacy, doctors’ offices, and more.”

Hospital de Especialidades

Also located in Cabo San Lucas, Hospital de Especialidades falls into the number two slot, according to Yelp.

A website wasn’t found for Hospital de Especialidades.  But, click on the heading above to find their page on Yelp.  It contains all of their information.  And, their reviews are great!

H Plus

Located in San José del Cabo, H Plus is number three according to Yelp.  Their location isn’t obvious when you visit their website by clicking on the heading above, so here is a link to their Yelp page.

Below is a list of what they offer from their website:

  1. Hospitalization: 16 individual rooms
  2. Intensive Care: Unit with 4 cubicles
  3. Surgical Areas: 3 Operating Rooms, 1 Unit of Toco-surgery (Labor room and delivery room), Endoscopic procedures room
  4. Emergency 24 hrs: Triage, 5 observation cubicles (1 of them pediatric), 2 shock trauma cubicles
  5. Radiology and Image: 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance, 16-slice helical tomography, Ultrasonography, Digital Radiology, Mastography, Digital Fluoroscopy
  6. Laboratory: Equipped to perform a large number of tests in the areas of immunochemistry, microbiology and hematology
  7. Banco de Sangre: Unique to provide service to Los Cabos and the peninsula of Baja California Sur under the highest quality standards and highly qualified personnel.
  8. Projects of specialized clinics: Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, allergies, angiology, perioperative medicine, among others.
  9. Specialized Units

Saint Luke’s Hospital

Number four on the list, Saint Luke’s Hospital has locations in both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.  On their website, you’ll read:

“Saint Luke’s Hospital is part of the Saint Luke’s Hospital Group, with more than 12 years of providing advanced specialty health care to the Los Cabos community. Offering a full complement of inpatient, outpatient and emergency medical services and specializing in medical tourism for tourists visiting the region. Visit the links below to discover all the specialty services provided. We employing bilingual and highly qualified professionals and board certified surgeons, using advanced state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and are recognized as one of the leading hospital groups for quality health care and medical tourism in Latin America.”

Morales Ramirez Maricela

Located in San José del Cabo, Morales Ramirez Maricela is number five according to Yelp.  Morales Ramirez Maricela doesn’t have a website or any reviews on Yelp, but it is number five nonetheless.  If you click on the heading, you’ll see their Yelp page, which has all of their contact information and location with directions.

Los Cabos Medical Care System

The following will apply to all of Mexico – not just Los Cabos medical care:

How it works

Only Mexican citizens and legal immigrants receive benefits from the Mexican health care system called “Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social.”  Therefore, you must have full medical travel insurance, to be covered.  Otherwise, you may face large medical expenses, including ambulance charges.  And, they will not let you leave until it’s paid in full.

Medical-care plans from the USA

Chances are, your existing medical insurance will not cover you in Mexico.  So, be sure to check with your provider prior to leaving the United States.  You can either add international coverage to your existing plan, or you may purchase a travel insurance policy to cover you for the duration of your trip to Mexico.

Ensure that your policy covers emergency services.  Also, confirm that your policy covers flight services.  You might need an air-lift back to the United States for hospitalization.  These expenses are very high.  So, prepare for the worst, and then, stay safe during your visit to Los Cabos, Mexico.

Los Cabos medical care payments

Regardless of your insurance, you will likely be required to pay upfront.  Then, you will get a reimbursement from your provider.  Confirm this with your provider, and maintain ample funds just in case.  Charges can exceed $3,000 for emergency medical services, so be prepared.

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