Los Cabos Hot Springs: Uncover these hidden gems that bubble up from the deep

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Los Cabos has some hidden gems when it comes to natural thermal springs that bubble up from the deep.  Locals have known about these thermal springs for dozens of years.  Its time now for you to uncover the truth about the Los Cabos hot springs too, you just have to keep reading!

Throughout the years, the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez have attracted many visitors to the Cabo region in Baja California Sur.  Most come for exciting water activities.  But, there’re also others more interested in relaxing activities.  During their visit, many travelers are delighted sitting around luxurious pools or a hot tub at a famous resort.  But, others may want to submerge in hot tubs far more on the natural side, along with being away from the busy tourist areas too.

How were the Los Cabos Hot Springs discovered?

Locals have known about these thermal springs for years. In the early 1900s, a large spring was discovered in East Cape on a ranch in the village of Buena Vista south of Los Barriles. This is just a half-hour drive north from San José del Cabo!

It was 1940 when one of the Governors of the Southern Territory in Baja bought a ranch to build a large hacienda overlooking the Sea of Cortez. He knew about the thermal spring nearby and piped this water into his home, creating his own private spa.  The rest is history!  Of course, this hacienda became a favorite stopping place in the old days for family and friends traveling from La Paz to Los Cabos San Lucas.

Los Cabos Hot Springs location

It’s in the ‘’Sierra La Laguna’’ reserve, where you’ll be able to find these amazing thermal springs.  This special place is a  mountain range and a Biosphere Reserve.  It’s located between the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos.  Also, it’s an area where a huge variety of endemic species is found, in addition to archaeological remains and the highest mountain in the state.

Although the Biosphere is not off-limits to visitors, it’s guarded against activities detrimental to the local flora and fauna.  Many of the thermal springs are inaccessible.  But, there are two that are easy to find. These are located close together and are easily accessible by any regular car.

Discover the Los Cabos Hot springs

It’s recommended that you plan your trip ahead and better yet if it’s for a weekday since you’ll find a lot of adventurous travelers during the weekend.  Bring lunch, snacks, plenty of water and start your day early in the morning for this exciting place!

‘’El Chorro’’

El Chorro is the easiest spring to find in Sierra La Laguna.  To get there, drive into Agua Caliente town, north from San José del Cabo and cross it straight in a northeast direction until you hit the town’s zoo.  It’s next to this place where you’ll find a relaxing opportunity to ease off your body with thermal waters.  Enjoy the beautiful flora around you, and if you’re feeling audacious you may also take an easy hike in the canyon next to the small river where the hot springs bubble into the surface.  Furthermore following this canyon, you’ll find giant bullfrogs and unique flowers from the region. Undoubtedly, a matchless experience

Santa Rita Hot Spring

But wait, there’s more!  Your next natural Hot Tub should be the Santa Rita Hot Spring.  This is pretty close to the San Jose village driving back to Agua Caliente following a route to the left for 15 minutes.  This will take you straight to the San Jose village.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you get lost!  The signs will guide you properly to the San Jose Canyon, where members of this village will take your entrance fee, and will tell you where to park (if driving to this place).  The tranquil setting and privacy provide a much more comfortable piece of heaven on earth.  Relax in this private hideaway surrounded by interesting rock formations. Listen to nature singing in the background and the bubbling of the warm water all over your body.  What else could you ask for?

There’s no doubt that you will enjoy this fulfilling adventure from beginning to end.  Be impressed by nature’s vastness and let the Hot Springs in Cabo melt your problems away!

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