Enjoy the drive from Los Angeles to Cabo: It’s a great adventure!

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Are you planning a road trip to Mexico?  Cabo San Lucas is your best choice!  Why?  It’s located on the southern end of Baja California, and it offers amazing scenery along the way for you to enjoy.  So, prepare to be mesmerized by your amazing road trip from Los Angeles to Cabo!

Cabo is well known as one of the best tourist destinations, not only in Mexico but of the world.  And it is because of this that the city receives continuously many local and international tourists.  Keep reading this post and I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t miss trying a road trip from Los Angeles to Cabo.

Los Angeles to Cabo is the perfect road trip

In case you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Cabo and planning for a road trip, there are certain things that you need to know to make this an unforgettable voyage.  Planning ahead your stops and turns is a must as you’re going to be driving for a very long but gratifying way.  Keep reading and together we’ll check on the most important topics to revise on your list before heading to Los Cabos.

What’s the distance from Los Angeles to Cabo?

When you plan a road trip, the most important thing you need to know is the distance.

The non-stop driving distance between Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas is 1150 miles (1851 km).  This distance could take you around 22 hours to travel without making any stops.  A really long drive for sure!

However, if you’re planning on resting along the way, which I think you should!  It’ll take you around three days to reach Cabo San Lucas, making a few stops to enjoy your ride to the fullest.  Contemplating the landscapes and having some nice local food in the villages before Cabo.  The good thing is, you’re able to spread your trip as much as you’d like to.  Look for nice hotels to spend the night and interesting stops you’d like to do and make it an unforgettable experience.

Why drive to Los Cabos?

Driving to Los Angeles to Cabo is recommended for the beautiful sightings and environment you can appreciate on your way there.  It’s because of this that it’s better to drive in daylight.  Be careful from the night or dusk drive as it becomes difficult to watch out for the endemic fauna like goats, cows, and horses.  In the dark, you might also miss out on the falling rocks and other interesting places that during the drive you can stop and take photos, the sky’s the limit and the desert is sure endless as it hits the sea with its fine powdery sand on the coast.

Tips to Follow Before the Road Trip

Here are some recommendations for you to take if you want to make the best out of your road trip from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas.

  • Make sure that you clean your car before taking the road trip; it could become your new house for a few days, so better to have it comfortably clean.
  • A week before your planned road trip, get your car to a mechanic to check it. Ask him to check the brakes, fluid levels, and tires.  Avoid any kind of problem your car could give you on the road.  Better safe than sorry!
  • Delay is something you must count on when driving long distances. Hence, it’s better to have no plan at all, or at least not too tightly schedule.  This way you can accommodate anything that comes your way.
  • In case you’re driving for long mile streaks at a time on the road trip, you might come across the wrong place at the wrong time. So, anticipate the travel spots you want to visit, you wouldn’t like to find them closed!
  • There are some people who are naturals with navigation and there are others who cannot even read a map. Make sure that you know who’s good at what and thereafter, organize the tasks among the traveling companions.  Make sure your phone GPS is working properly, just in case.

Either is fast and furious or smoothly slow, this is the perfect road trip for you.  Make sure you manage to see everything this scenario has to offer and be ready to accommodate to this adventurous experience.  The greatest thing about it all, the trip it’s only the beginning.  Once you get to Los Cabos you’ll have your breath taken away.  Safe travels!

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