Cultural events in Cabo: Discover the best cultural activities for 2019

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If you’re wondering what you can do down in Cabo besides visiting its beautiful beaches or enjoying it’s world-renowned nightlife, you’ve come to the right place.  Many cities around the world contain their own unique culture, and Cabo is no exception.  In fact, Los Cabos, which includes the famous fishing towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, has a diverse culture that is exciting to learn about.  Then, it truly inspires you, when experiencing it for yourself.  So, uncover the eloquent cultural events in Cabo, right here.

Best cultural events in Cabo

There’s more than meets the eye in Cabo, beyond the regular tourist activities.  To elaborate, this place is a nest of cultural activities happening almost every week!  There, you’ll find an amazing array of enriching folkloric festivals to experience when you visit Cabo.  Going from a Mango festival – yes, you read that right – , to an annual film festival, Cabo has a plethora of cultural events for all likes and tastes.  So, continue reading and we’ll go through the most inspirational cultural activities you can find in Cabo!

The art-walk in San José del Cabo

The Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo is a popular weekly event.  Every Thursday evening between November and June, the galleries welcome guests to enjoy an evening strolling around the neighborhood.  Appreciating art, sipping wine and dining at the fabulous restaurants is what you’ll find there.  All of the artists participating have their expositions from five until ten at night.  There are also special events like live performances or special expositions at the local galleries.  The Art Walk will allow you to explore the color-filled streets of San José del Cabo.  During this time, the main street where the expositions happen is a pedestrian-only zone.  So, visitors can enjoy an evening stroll through the area safely!  Get a complete crash course in art, perhaps accompanied by a glass of wine.  Undoubtedly, this is the perfect way to spend an evening surrounded by local art.

Los Cabos Film Festival

The Los Cabos international film festival is one of the most famous film festivals in Mexico.  It’s an important platform for filmmakers and actors from all around the world.  Throughout this festival, you’ll find the display of several participating movies and short films to take in.  These unique places go from an old theater to a plaza downtown, even on the outskirts of town!  All of these have special installments to enjoy a movie with your friends and family.  This is a festival with the purpose of cultural exchange from several countries.  Because of this, expect small crowds, live music, expositions and live shows all around.  And if you’re interested, this festival occurs during the second and third weeks of November every year.

Los Cabos Open of Surf

An incredible surf contest hosted by a world-renowned luxury hotel:  The Cape in Los Cabos.  Different from any other surf contest, this is a fully immersive experience of live music, fashion, and world-class cuisine.  The Cape, which has its own private beach access and impressive wave breaker infrastructure, is the perfect place for Los Cabos Open of Surf.  Being a weekend of prestigious surf competition, this event happens in mid-June every year.  Even if you’re not planning to surf, you can definitely enjoy this event from the commodity of the white-sand beach.  So, come have a refreshing drink in front of The Cape in Los Cabos while watching this exciting event!

Festival del Mango

As funny as it sounds, this title literally translates to “The Mango festival.” And indeed, it’s a huge festival centered on the mango as a fruit.  A variety of dishes from select chefs in Cabo, boast the mango as the primary ingredient.  These entrees are the main attraction in this important event.  You’ll also find art expositions and flea-markets offering handcrafted products like soaps and perfumes, also made from mango!

This festival will mostly gather all the local and regional mango producers.  They come with innovative products offered to the many tourists visiting this unique event.  The Festival del Mango happens every year in Todos Santos, during the last week of July, right on the season of mango harvesting.  Therefore, if you’re looking for something different and a one-of-a-kind festival, this will certainly add to your life-long memories!

San José Jazz Festival

As one of the most recent festivals in Cabo, it’s already ranking up there with the other important Cabo festivals bringing international crowds.  Being one of the artsier-focused festivals, it gathers quite a multitude searching for a more bohemian event.  You’ll find a wonderful atmosphere accompanied by great music performed by some of the most prominent local groups.  Also, see well-known acts and artists such as Tito Rodriguez and his Jazz Trio, Leopoldo Band, Carmona Kukin Jazz Band, and Todos Santos Jazz.  This music festival only lasts two days, but it’s definitely worth the visit.  You’ll have to catch it on the last Friday of April every year.  Spend a great evening with your loved ones as you enjoy the most exquisite jazz vibes in one of the best cultural events in Cabo!

With all these great activities available, there’s plenty for you to do if you’re looking for local cultural events in Cabo.  Whether you’re interested in the outdoors, art, culture or history, these are the best cultural events in Cabo and there are plenty of options for you to choose from!

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