Café des Artistes Los Cabos offers more than just great food

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Located within the exclusive JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa, Café des Artistes has been serving fine cuisine in Los Cabos since 2015.  And, this gastronomical locale offers more than just great food.  To begin, this culinary haven is known for its excellent service and cuisine prepared to the highest standards of quality.  Then, within Café des Artistes’ luxurious, art-filled interior, where the upscale ambiance draws you in, you’ll be captivated by the creatively-plated delight that looks, smells, and tastes like something from heaven.

The chef and founder of Café des Artistes Los Cabos, Thierry Blouet, has been pouring his creative spirit, unique style, and passion into his original restaurant in Puerto Vallarta ever since it opened its doors in 1991.  Therefore, his wonderful Los Cabos location fully reaps the benefits of that experience.  So, now that his culinary expertise has been proven and refined, Café des Artistes Los Cabos is quickly becoming a culinary icon.

Chef Thierry Blouet is also an excellent teacher.  To explain, his line manager, Florencio Reyes, recently competed in the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs culinary contest located in Taiwan while representing Mexico in 2018.  There, he won first place.  That’s quite a testament to his teacher, chef Thierry Blouet of Café des Artistes Los Cabos.

Café des Artistes innovative cuisine

Chef Thierry Blouet’s unique style is simple.  He creates French cuisine inspired by delicious flavors from Mexico.  Of course, he elevates these flavors to new heights.  And, he uses the freshest, highest-quality ingredients for every dish.  Then, he innovates every dish to produce the most unique flavor and texture.  Finally, his passion and creativity really shine through, as you can clearly see in the photos below.

Café des Artistes, los cabos real estate, cabo real estate, cabo san lucas real estate, nick fong

As a guest, you’ll enjoy familiar flavors that are elevated with bold character and sumptuous complexity.  Each entree in Café des Artistes’ multi-course menus is plated artfully and methodically.  So, your senses will come alive and you’ll leave completely satisfied.

Café des Artistes Los Cabos reviews

Brianna from Buffalo, NY wrote:  “The food is exceptional! This is a perfect date night place. While in Cabo, my husband and I ate here on three different occasions. The live piano music is nice touch to dinner. The staff is super friendly and the wine selection is on point. Would highly recommend!”

Todd from Los Altos, CA wrote: “This is a world class restaurant. Amazing food and presentation. Hard to be believe this is Mexico… very unique and enjoyable… not to be missed.

Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs culinary competition

As mentioned earlier, Chef Thierry Blouet’s line manager, Florencio Reyes, took first place in 2018 while representing Mexico at the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs culinary competition in Taiwan.  And, this is a really big deal, as the best young chefs from all over the world represent each of their countries in this competition.  Focusing on the encouragement and promotion of the culinary expertise of young chefs, this contest provides the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and creativity within an international arena.

Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs’ goal is to promote cultural differences in food preparation and presentation using traditional techniques.  And, this competition provides an opportunity for these young chefs to go up against their peers from all around the world.  Therefore, by winning this competition, Café des Artistes tops the list of great restaurants both in Mexico and globally.

Los Cabos real estate

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