Guided Cabo tours: Leave it to the professionals for the time of your life

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With so much to do here in Los Cabos San Lucas, it can be complicated sometimes to decide where to go or what to do.  Trusting the local experts is the ideal way to solve all your stress letting them show you all the best sights in Cabo.  Some of the world’s greatest wildlife adventures and pristine beaches are from there.  You must be aware that if you go without knowing being prepared you’ll miss a lot.  Fortunately, Cabo is a tourist town full of professional tour guides that will always be happy to help you.  Read further on through this post and find the best Cabo tours!

The Best Cabo tours to join

Let the professionals guide you through the best sights and adventures there are to experience in Cabo.  There are plenty of activities waiting for you, and sometimes time is not enough to plan everything through.  That is why letting yourself go to the hands of a tour guide, professional of Cabo is the best way to live these adventures.  Read on and find here a list of the best Cabo tours.

Boat trips

We can say that Venice and Los Cabos are all about water. The only significant difference is that the water goes through Venice, while in Cabo it washes around. That can only mean that most of the great landscape experiences are going to be on a boat.  Thanks to boat tours you can enjoy visiting the best beaches with unbelievable ocean views. With the most diverse and incredible wildlife in the world, this national ocean park is a whole experience.

Cabo tours to the Arch at Land’s End

If you’re in Los Cabos, you must visit the Arch at Land’s End.  This is not only a great place to visit but it’s also the main landmark of Los Cabos.  Not visiting this place is like you didn’t go and visit the city itself.  This place is called ‘’Land’s End’’ because if a line is drawn from this point to the south, the next portion of the mainland it hits is Antarctica.  Definitely, this is another meaningful place to be with.  Ask around town and find a professional who can guide you and show you through this amazing place.  This also is a place you can only get by boat, just take one from the Cabo’s marina and enjoy the trip, take some pictures.  There’s nothing as romantic the sight of this setting of a landscape in the back.

Sunset cruise

There’s more relaxing than watching the sunset, and there are plenty of places to get a great view of one in Cabo.  This is why one of the best choices to enjoy this moment would be to take on a Sunset cruise.  The gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez provide a peaceful backdrop to the colorful setting of the sun behind the horizon.  Imagine this with some drinks, snacks or even your own private boat!  Enjoying a sunset out on the water is one of the best ways to enjoy  Cabo under the guidance of a professional.

Walking Cabo tours

There’s also an option that doesn’t involve boats and is a walking tour.  You have two options:  make it through the city of Cabo San Lucas or of San Jose del Cabo.  Nothing better than authentic Mexican cuisine when you are hungry. There is a well-known food tasting tour in Cabo San Lucas downtown. Which includes Mexican food like quesadillas and tacos for three hours of tasting. You can also enjoy the sounds of Mexican culture while eating. Your valuable tour guide will provide you with the history and culture wisdom of Cabo.

Don’t forget there’s also the option of taking some cooking classes if you want to deepen in the Mexican culture. So you can bring back home some cuisine culture back with you.  But, if you want to dig in the local history then San Jose and Cabo San Lucas walking tours are a must.  With stories about legends and pirates, you will learn a lot.  Thanks to the tour guides you can ask questions as much as you like, they will all answer them no problem.

Cabos’ Marina walking tour

Touring around the Marina of Cabo San Lucas it’s a must-do on every list.  Either it is during day or night; the marina is one of the iconic stops you can’t miss during your stay in Los Cabos.  Be delighted by its charm, Mexican enchant and awesome views, there are many things to see around, just don’t get lost!  Also, you shouldn’t forget to take a photo of this iconic place.

Coastline Cabo tours

Prepare to take a guided tour for a unique perspective of the coastline of Cabo. You can take the tour by horseback or ATV. These ones are so popular that some of them offer to pick you from your hotel. You can enjoy the views of the Sea of Cortez with the majestic whales. Spend several hours enjoying the rocky canyons of the Baja desert.

Horseback riding

For those who find the presence of animals relaxing, Cabo has horseback tours across gorgeous beaches and desert hills to meet your needs.  These tours take you along the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez as you ride a tamed beautiful horse matched to your riding ability. Of course, most of these tours include a quick lesson before getting to it.  Don’t worry about being a newbie in horseback riding.  The rides are generally slow and gentle, making them a nice, relaxing way to see the beautiful landscapes in and around Cabo.  You will undoubtedly find an ample variety of options and scenarios to enjoy a romantic trip with your loved one.  Find fun tours or just enjoy the sun laying on the beach together,  the romantic options are endless and that is why you can easily have a romantic getaway in Los Cabos.

Besides horse riding, you can also choose a less conventional option riding a camel. These special camel rides let you stop in cultural site centers where you can taste some locally made Tequila and take some pictures of the most beautiful sights.

Whale watching tours

During winter and early spring, it’s the perfect time for you to plan a visit to Cabo.  You’ll be coming down during the prime whale-watching season.  From December to April the Sea of Cortez becomes a birthing spot for the Humpback and Gray whales during this time.  These whales are raised in the cold waters of the Arctic sea during the summer.  And then, they’ll make their way down to Baja California to nurse their young.  So, don’t miss the opportunity to go to Cabo whale watching.  And, see them swimming freely in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez.

This is what makes this activity one of the most relevant in Cabo. You’ll also have the opportunity to watch some sharks, especially hammerheads and many more fishes that migrate from the north pacific.  These sea creatures come to warmer waters of Cabos to mate and nurse their young.  You may have the opportunity to watch some baby whales.  There are plenty of eco-friendly Cabo tours.  These crews of the ships are trained to not interrupt the mating season and avoiding dangerous situations for the animals and for you as well.  When it’s possible they turn off the engine and use the sails to prevent disturbing the creatures.  Because of this, you can have an amazing experience with the whales without disturbing the natural course of life.

Scuba-diving tours

Pufferfish, cornetfish, trumpetfish, moray eels, several varieties of rays, seahorses, blennies, and many more are the creatures live in the great coral reef out at Lands End.  A frequent stop for underwater photographers and professional scuba divers. That’s what makes Cabo the top-rated scuba and snorkeling locations in the world.  Being a beginner in these waters might sound intimidating. The truth is there are a lot of ocean guides and certified scuba instructors who are willing to help you get into the ocean and experience the rich depths of the Sea of Cortez.  If you want to see the best ocean sights they can also help you find the best spots in each season. It doesn’t matter if is the soft tropical reef fish, the mighty sharks or the sea lions. All of that can be found here in Cabo.

The only way to have a complete experience is with the help of a guiding tour. They never disappoint and always leaves you with great stories to tell.

Camel back riding on the beach

Camel riding in Cabo has become a poplular beach activity.  It’s an unforgettable journey through the desert, where you’ll get close and personal with nature.  Experience a physical and emotional journey that embraces you with the vastness of the desert.  Explore the arid and amazing landscapes of the south-Baja desert, surrounded by the astounding views of the Sea of Cortez.

Deserts are a fascinating ecosystem where life finds its way to manifest in the very harsh surrounding.  It’s because of this that a unique environment blooms to be seen, and what better way to enjoy than on the back of endemic species such as the camel?  In this experience, the elements of nature combine beautifully to give you a captivating landscape.

Los Cabos real estate

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Visit the best Cabo tours soon

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