Cabo San Lucas Fishing: The Angler’s Lowdown

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Are you interested in Cabo San Lucas fishing?  Are you not an angler?  I have good news for you!  You don’t have to be an angler to catch big fish near Cabo San Lucas.  In fact, you don’t need to know a thing about Cabo San Lucas fishing to be highly successful.  So, how can such a claim be made, you ask?

You have two options. Option one is to spend the next couple of years diligently learning proper Cabo San Lucas fishing technique on your own big boat.  Your option two is to quickly uncover the way to catch fish like a pro by reading further.

Do you wish to enjoy the poll-bending thrill of hooking a great big fish on your own fishing line?  And, are you willing to pay for a great Cabo San Lucas fishing experience?  Then, please let me to show you how to charter a good fishing boat in Cabo San Lucas.

What you’ll uncover…

First, explore how to find the best fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas – big or small, top-dollar or tight-budget.  Next, discover how a good charter-boat captain will make your Cabo San Lucas fishing experience very easy and exciting.

Find out the type of fish to catch near Cabo San Lucas.  And, get some great pro tips too.  After you read this post, impress your charter-boat captain with your newly-acquired “know how.”

Pick the right Cabo San Lucas fishing charter

Keep in mind, the captain is the most important part of the venture.  Therefore, it’s not the boat.  To explain, big boats provide more accommodations.  But, a good boat captain provides your best experience.  While floating on the water, learning good technique and catching big fish, the type of boat you’re on just doesn’t matter, as long as it floats – well, maybe it matters a little…

Start by checking Cabo San Lucas fishing charters on Trip Advisor and Yelp.  Read the reviews and take notes on location, price, and availability…

Find a great fishing-charter captain

Now you have an idea about the fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas.  And, you know how their clients rate them.

Next, here’s what to look for.  And, here’s what questions to ask your prospective charter captain:

  • Are they licensed and do they provide a fishing license for you?
    • Mexico has strict boat-captain laws
    • Is your fishing license included in their price?
    • If they’re licensed, that’s good assurance
  • Do they allow catch and keep, or just catch and release?
    • Some boat captains are catch and release only
    • Knowing ahead of time will prevent disappointment
  • Is “Boat Captain” their full-time job?
    • Many boat owners get a license to subsidize their own hobby
    • A full-time captain is out there day in and day out catching fish!
  • Does the captain have fishing-tournament accolades?
    • If they’ve won a tournament or placed in second or third, you know they’re good

Being prepared makes all the difference.  A little due-diligence on your part will go a long way.

Big fish – and small ones too

Cabo San Lucas’ location provides a very exciting place to fish.  So, find striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin, Pacific red snapper, white sea bass, mahi-mahi, and the illusive roosterfish, just to name a few.

Los Cabos fishing, los cabos real estate, cabo real estate, cabo san lucas real estate, nick fongMany types of marlin

Probably the biggest lour for Cabo San Lucas fishing is Marlin.  Catch them from mid-April to mid-June.  Black and blue marlin are the most targeted species near Cabo San Lucas, but there are others too.

Unlike other types of marlin, black marlin lives only in the Pacific Ocean. And, they’re considered to be a continental-shelf species.  That means they usually remain near land.  So, they’re unlikely to be seen out in the open water.

Based on migration patterns, most marlin captains don’t venture into the Pacific.  They typically prefer to fish almost exclusively east and southeast of Cabo San Lucas.  Regardless, marlin are known to be the most exciting fish to catch.

Mahi mahi – “Dorado”Cabo San Lucas fishing, los cabos real estate, cabo real estate, cabo san lucas real estate, nick fong

These incredible fish can grow up to 20 pounds within their first year of life!

Mahi mahi are incredibly aggressive and take live bait, trolled lures and flies.  Hard fighting and acrobatic, they are the “Fisherman’s’ fish” in this region.

When casting out, be sure to give the fish time to inhale the bait.  Then, wait three seconds before you set the hook.  Once you have them, keep tension on the line until the fish is landed securely on your chartered boat.

Mahi mahi is seen as early as May.  But, many of the big ones come in and start biting after the sea temperature rises in the summer.  So, the best time to catch a larger mahi mahi is from June to October.

Roosterfish – “Pez gallo”

Cabo San Lucas fishing, los cabos real estate, cabo real estate, cabo san lucas real estate, nick fong

These fish are the lions of the sea, prowling and attacking those happy-go-lucky, wide-eyed fish, like those you see in cartoon movies…yummy – they go for lures, flies and bait too!

Roosterfish are named for their comb-like dorsal fins, which they can raise and lower.  They provide anglers quite a challenge, to say the least.  Tip…the best way to catch them is to cast live bait over the sandy bottoms in shallow water.

Roosterfish are biting from late May until the end of June.

rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea, Sea of Cortez fishingPacific red snapper – “Pargo”

Being bottom fish, they’ll take bait, lure and fly.  They’ll escape into the rocks and wait you out if you aren’t diligent.

Pacific red snapper will hit when you’re fishing deep, just above the rocks.  They range in size from three to twenty pounds, but can sometimes reach over 50 pounds.  And, while they can be caught all-year-round, the best time to catch Pacific red snapper is April through July.

Grouper – “Cabrilla”

Cabo San Lucas fishing, los cabos real estate, cabo real estate, cabo san lucas real estate, nick fong

A variety of grouper live in the Sea of Cortez, including the Goliath grouper, Calico sea bass, and 36 other species.  Living in deeper water near rocks and reefs, grouper are caught while you’re bottom fishing.

They’re caught by fly-lining a live sardine or mackerel, using a 2 ½ egg sliding sinker.  Another method is to use jigs.  They don’t go for live bait – just drop the jig to the bottom and reel it back, in a fast and steady motion.

Groupers prefer colder waters.  Therefore, they’re caught from February through April.

rpgreg, rocky point greg, greg hixon, susie flinn, rocky point real estate by the sea, Sea of Cortez fishingTriggerfish – “Cochito bota”

Aggressive, but fairly easy to catch, Triggerfish come in a variety of colors.  Being coral and rock eaters, they have some serious teeth. So, stay away from the business end of these finger-biting fish.

Triggerfish are caught throughout the year when fishing with live bait.

Los Cabos, Mexico

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