Cabo cooking classes: Learn how to prepare excellent Mexican cuisine

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By this time, you’ve probably been visited Mexico at least once.  And, you already fell in love with the Mexican culture, the colors and the people.  But, one of the main highlights for you I’m sure is its gastronomy. You’re not alone if you like Mexican cuisine at it’s among the best in the world!  So, besides the souvenirs and photos taken in Cabo, you might be thinking of taking something more with you: the gastronomical experience. That’s right, learning how to cook Mexican food is something you can keep with you to share with others back home.  If you’re interested in this experience, read further on through this post and learn about the best Cabo cooking classes. You’ll learn a few tips and tricks to make great Mexican traditional dishes!

Gastronomically speaking, Mexico is one of the best and most diverse around the world.  Food is an elemental aspect of society in every country. It expresses its history and culture through every characteristic dish of the place.  You’re now ready to take the next step and dive deeper into Mexican food and how to make it yourself. When you try a local meal in a place you like, there’s just one thing that could be better than that: to be able to cook it yourself!  Cooking is a unique experience that emanates the traditions of a country and speaks deeply of its culture. Take home the flavors of Mexico when you take one of these unique cooking classes. Discover traditional Mexican recipes and how to make amazing dishes for you and your loved ones!   Keep reading and learn more about these amazing Cabo cooking classes!

 Traditional Mexican Cabo cooking classes

One of the first things you must know about cooking classes is that you don’t have to be an expert.  Regardless of your experience as a cook, Cabo cooking classes will embrace your enthusiasm to learn how to make some Mexican dishes.  Start with the basics and little by little improve your skills and touch for flavor in your cooking. Become the Masterchef of your own kitchen and impress everyone around you with some traditional Mexican food!

The fun thing about Cabo cooking classes is not just cooking.  This experience becomes a unique adventure as you get deeper into Mexican culinary culture and history.  All of the Cabo cooking classes listed below will take you to visit local markets. Some of these cook schools even have their own crops of fresh fruits and vegetables in their backyard.  Talk about natural freshness, right? With these examples of natural products, you can be sure that a great experience is to be expected. Hence, it’s the selection of every ingredient by yourself that makes this a great experience that goes from scratch to building something incredible with your own hands.  Face in this culinary adventure the experience of encountering new flavors and aromas unlike any other place in the world.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet people and the culture of Mexico. This gives you a broader spectrum of understanding the lifestyle in Mexico.  These Mexican cooking classes are totally interactive and designed for you to learn “hands-on” how to cook the authentic home recipes. This is something you definitely want to take back home to share with others.  Find more about the cooking class options you have in Los Cabos by reading the list we’ve made for you below.

Cookin’ Cabo

The first of the Cabo cooking classes on this list is with the Cookin’ Cabo company.  Be ready to enjoy an incredible experience in Cabo with Chef Issi Radilla.  She’s the expert that’ll teach you side by side how to make the best out of flavor with Mexican recipes.  Your cooking day will start with the chef guiding you through the local Mexican markets. These are family-owned vendors for generations, which their main intention is to have the freshest products all the time.  Hence, expect great supplies to work within this cooking class.

Once you have everything ready to cook, you’ll start this gastronomic adventure guided by good hands.  A special amenity there is that they won’t only teach you about Mexican dishes, but also how to make salsas and special sides to complement these dishes.  Have a drink while you learn, have fun and enjoy the outcome afterward. Get ready for a very fun experience for the whole family with Cookin’ Cabo!

Los Tamarindos

Expect with Los Tamarindos cooking school one of the most authentic farm-to-table experiences.  Join in this experience a unique culinary journey where you’ll enjoy textures, colors, and aromas of Mexican produce.  One of the main attractions of this masterclass is that you’ll have your classes in a beautiful kitchen terrace built in stone walls with wooden ceilings.  Imagine the rustic imagery that’ll do nothing more than inspire you for the art of finely preparing Mexican dishes. Also, there they’ll teach you about the special 4-course meals, unlike any other place.  And, guided by one of the talented chefs they have in their locale they’ll take you for a full-ride on a Mexican gastronomical experience. Finally, after learning while having fun, share with your Cabo cooking classes in a common table the results of your efforts.  Along with your classmates taste your gastronomical works of art while enjoying the views and landscapes of the Sea of Cortez. This is one of the best cooking experiences in Cabo no doubt.

Salt & Sugar Co. cooking classes

The cooking classes in Salt & Sugar Co. are prepared not only for your learning but also for enjoyment.  Imagine your favorite music in the background, a glass of wine, and an interesting conversation with your classmates, this is exactly what cooking classes are like there!  With a professional chef teaching you how to prepare Mexican food, expect nothing but great times there. These cooking classes have created the most entertaining way to learn the art of cooking,  no strict rules, no dress code, just fun, and good food! They provide everything you need for your cooking master class so its all hassle-free. Definitely, a nice experience you should try at least once when in Cabo. no matter if it is formal or informal, or if your favorite plate is from the other side of the world. The most important is to have a learning funny moment. Take a cooking class of Salt & Sugar Co. the next time you hire a villa in Los Cabos, we will give you everything you need, only your presence and the desire to have fun will be enough to have a good time!

Culinary program at Pedregal

The culinary program at Pedregal is on the fancier side of cooking classes in Los Cabos.  Although the Mexican dishes are kept traditional such as ceviche, tamales, and mole, the ingredients and tools provided are top quality just for you!  Learn how to make authentic Mexican dishes and prepare each dish in an oceanfront view setting. These are one-hour classes that are held in a hacienda-style kitchen.  One of the remarkable things about this culinary program is that cooking is not the only subject taught. There’s also cocktail classes and tequila tasting tours. Join a bar team in the same place as Cabo cooking classes and go further into the world of drinks and beverages with some cocktail experts.  Craft your drinks to a new level!

“Casa de Colores” cooking class

In this interesting cooking class, Donna is the Masterchef receiving you in her own house to teach you about Mexican dishes.  With more than 35 years of experience, this is a very up close and personal experience to live when in Cabo. If you’re into something calmer and private for you to learn the ways of Mexican gastronomy, then this is the perfect place for you.  Working with the best ingredients and teaching you some cool techniques, expect there a very intimate cooking session. With Donna the Masterchef, you can choose the menu and even the class length, so everything is ready for you to have the best of experiences.  Truly a one of a kind cooking opportunity in Cabo you wouldn’t like to miss!

Here you have it!  Learn to cook classic Mexican dishes from a diverse selection of class types, and go along by the hand of the best chefs in Los Cabos.  Also, get a cultural insight into the local gastronomy and history. Most of these places include transportation, ingredients and the equipment you’ll need for a perfect experience.  Take the cooking tricks and experience back home from the best Cabo cooking classes!

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