Cabo adventures: Come see what Cabo offers from the lap of luxury

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If “go big or go home” sounds like your life motto, then Cabo is the perfect place for you!  And there’s no exception for your plans of living to the fullest there.  Actually, few places on earth offer the kind of beauty and splendor of this ecosystem of marine wildlife and the many cultural Cabo adventures.  The Sea of Cortez provides the right spot for a luxurious getaway with friends and family.  If you’re going big on your next trip, here are some of the most luxurious experiences you can enjoy during your Cabo adventures.

Keep reading through this post and I’ll show you what you can look forward to in the amazing Cabo San Lucas!

All hands on deck

One of the finest Cabo adventures is sailing.  And, with the opportunity to be out on the Sea of Cortez, this is a wort-while activity.  Cabo is a renowned destination for traveling on your own yacht!  Yes, you can rent your own sailboats with staff and services included for a three-hour tour.  These tours take you to some magnificent coral reef locations for some scuba diving or snorkeling in Cabo.  The skilled staff will train you in water and underwater safety.  Also, they’ll guide you through to find the best spots for capturing the magic of the marine flora and fauna with your own eyes, and cameras.  You don’t have to worry as they’ll also supply you with an open bar and snacks for the duration of the trip.

You’ll fathom what’s that people from around the globe goes there to see.

Endless Cabo adventures on the sea

In Cabo, the two most popular tours are the daily sunset tours and, during winter, whale watching expeditions.  The sunset tours offer you one of the most amazing and romantic views above the sea.  If you’re in the search for a romantic getaway, you won’t find any better than a sunset on the Sea of Cortez with your own private yacht.

On the other hand, whale watching is another incredible Cabo adventure.  You’ll get to see the Humpback and Gray whales during the winter, which is their mating season, looking for warmer waters, they find it in the Sea of Cortez due to its extraordinary and unique ecosystem.

Whale watching tours get you as close as you’ll ever be to one of the most noble sea creatures in the world.  So, don’t miss out on this astonishing chance!

Wine and dine

Being out in the sea for a long time to watch the sunset or snorkel around some coral reefs will definitely leave you hungry when you get ashore.  Cabo San Lucas has a variety of both traditional and international cuisine.  For adventurous appetites, check out Casiano’s.  It’s a local restaurant served by Chef Casiano Reyes.  There, he serves by the motto “no menu, no rules.”  And, the waiter gives you a list of the daily ingredients for you to choose from.  Then, Chef Casiano will cook you up a three to five course meal based on those suggestions.  Lastly, you’ll be offered wine pairings to go along flawlessly.

If you’re of the more traditional type, Edith’s restaurant provides great upscale seafood meals with a focus on traditional Mexican ingredients.  But then, if you want to go deeper in luxury, this restaurant has a wine cellar to host parties of up to 10 persons.

For succulent meals with a breathtaking view, check out El Farallon, this restaurant sits above the Capella Pedregal hotel.  Serving some of the best seafood on the peninsula they offer daily-changing appetizers and delicious sides with every entree.

In addition to these gastronomic Cabo adventures, the city of Cabo San Lucas offers wine tasting tours of many restaurants downtown.  So, live the fancy world of wine tasting with a walking tour in this beautiful city and its local deluxe-wine production.

Land Cabo adventures

While sailing has the spotlight in Cabo San Lucas, this is not the only one of the Cabo adventures to focus on.  To explain, there are also hiking trails and horseback riding near and along the shore.  It might be hard to believe, but you can even find camel-back tours into the desert!

See the land from above with the local zip line tours.  Or, swing your golf club a couple of times with the multiple Cabo golf courses aligned in the peninsula as well.  So, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit.  Grab a snack along the way and take some time to relax in one of the local spas.

Stay in luxury during your Cabo adventures

If you’re looking for the best place to stay during your Cabo adventures, look no further.  Try the One&Only Palmilla, one of the most luxurious resorts in all of Mexico.  You’ll be treated like royalty throughout your stance here.  In contrast, if you’re looking for a beach front resort where you’re able to surf, check out The Cape, a Thompson hotel.  The unique waters of its coast gives you the opportunity for snorkeling by boat.  This place is one of the more private hotels if you’re looking for an exclusive getaway.

Whatever your desires are to live the luxurious “vacay” of your dreams, Cabo San Lucas will fit the bill.  As such, it provides you with the time of your life.  And, you’ll value those memories forever.

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Los Cabos real estate

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Come visit soon

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