The best time to buy in Cabo REVEALED

You might be wondering when the best time is to buy in Cabo.  Right now, being November 2019, we can say that any time of the year is a great time to buy!  But, many people think that it’s during the summer, because of the slower flow of tourism.  There’s truth to that.  Hence, summer is a good time to buy property in Cabo.  Also, most people expect to make this process happen fast during summertime due to the reduced activity.  Therefore, speaking seasons, buying a property in summer feels like it’s the best option.  Read more to uncover the best time to buy in Cabo and learn it from the experts!

Nick Fong is the founder of Los Cabos Agent.  As a licensed and very professional real estate broker, he’s passionate about revealing all the wonderful aspects of Los Cabos.  Because of this, and with his experienced perspective on real estate in Cabo, he agrees that summer is one of the best times to buy property there.  So, summer is indeed one of the best seasons to buy!

Summer is when you’ll find some sellers looking to unload for fair prices. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to find something for three or five percent lower than the regular listing price.  Of course, October and November are when the high season starts every year.  At Los Cabos Agent, we’re already feeling the peak of real estate options and values!

What makes Los Cabos so special?

Some say it’s the perfect weather, warm clear waters and breathtaking beaches.  Yet, others argue that it’s the abundance of outdoor activities that are the biggest draw.  Also, many people point out that it’s the family-friendly environment that keeps them coming back, year after year.

It’s no doubt a combination of those, and more, that make Los Cabos the premier vacation destination for people from around the world.  And, Los Cabos has it all.

Rising property values

Year-after-year, the economic indicators show that Los Cabos real-estate values are rising fast.  And, since the market is solid and new improvements and developments are happening all over Los Cabos, this is definitely a solid investment!  This place offers great value and a great location. Therefore, this is a great time to buy!

Los Cabos Agent

There’s a motto that Nick Fong lives by.  It’s “Someone You Can Trust,”  which he does not take lightly.  And, he puts those words into practice each and every day.  Then every month, he creates new videos to answer many questions like How safe is Los Cabos, Mexico?  Also, Nick informs you about new cross-promotions in his video about the Louis XIII tasting and sailing adventure in Los Cabos.  In Cabo, Nick Fong has you covered!

Los Cabos real estate

Many Americans, Canadians, and people from other countries choose to make Los Cabos, Mexico, their home or vacation home.  So, discover how to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, Mexico by inquiring with the top Real Estate Broker in Los Cabos: Nick Fong, who’s been featured many times on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

See Nick Fong in action on his Los Cabos Agent YouTube Channel.  His videos are posted on the Los Cabos Agent VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Los Cabos Agent videos:

Visit Los Cabos soon

Thank you for reading The best time to buy in Cabo REVEALED, written by Greg Hixon of RE/MEX Image.  Be sure to read other posts about Los Cabos on the Los Cabos Agent blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Los Cabos, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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