What to bring on your Cabo Vacation: Learn how to prepare for Los Cabos

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You already have your Cabo vacation booked with all the activities planned properly.  But now, you’ve got to think about what you should bring with you.  Don’t leave anything important behind!  Here are some things you have to make sure to pack for your trip. Make sure you know what to bring on your Cabo vacation!

What to bring on your Cabo vacation

We all know that packing for your trip is always a hassle.  We all dislike it in one way or another.   Besides the time it consumes to prepare everything, we always risk forgetting something important behind.  Worry no more!  In this post we’ll go through the essential items you should bring with you when you visit Cabo.  Don’t travel too heavy, but don’t forget the essentials either.  Please allow me to reveal what to bring on your Cabo Vacation.

Currency exchange

This is one of the most important things to have, and one of the most commonly forgotten.  Part of your trip plans should have to exchange your actual currency to Mexican pesos.  The Cabo region, being such a touristic place,  might allow you to use US dollars in some places, but not all!  And, sometimes too, you might get a pretty bad exchange rate depending on the vendor taking your dollars.  So, avoid the risk and the hassle of finding a place to change your money beforehand.  Airports will always give you this opportunity as a last resort before hitting the town.  If not, find the proper place to do so in town, but avoid taking much of your precious time in the process.

Proper clothing

One of the many great things about Cabo is the clothing aspect.  Luckily, you can always travel light, because you won’t need any heavy coats or warm clothes.  Due to Cabo’s climate, which stays the same almost all year round, clothing is simple and light.  Of course, don’t forget to make some considerations, such as bringing light-colored clothes, if you don’t want to dehydrate wearing warm black shirts or dresses for example!

The humidity in Cabo might be a bit higher than the place you are visiting because of the sea breeze.  Even as refreshing as these cool winds from the sea are, it’s always best to dress something fresh and light to avoid sweating too much.  You might feel that the weather is adequate to wear little, but it’s actually best to cover yourself from the sun as it gets burning all year long.  Hat and sunglasses are a must in this sunny city.  And last but not least, have in mind to have with you proper clothing for water activities as it is one of the main attractions here, and believe me you’re going to get wet!  You might also want to bring something casual for the night at a bar or restaurant

Bring sun Protection to your Cabo vacation

Cabo is one of the sunniest places on the earth!  With an average of 350 days, a year of sunshine temperatures can get up to 90F in the summertime.  It also gets to a more pleasant 75F in winter.  Due to the high humidity in town, the temperatures feel rather higher than what they really are.  It’s because of this an more that you should wear sun protection at all times. Bring your own, but if not, you’ll always be able to find a store where you can buy some.

Check your phone service

Always make sure what your phone plan is and it covers Mexico with its service.  Most of them are good down there but to avoid crazy bills and expensive data, double-check what does your service covers.  It’s important to keep yourself updated and in touch with your loved ones.  Furthermore, it’s the main way to schedule and plan ahead for activities where you might need to make a reservation beforehand.  Also, not only with for phone but bank services, It’s important that you consider letting your bank know, about your trip or at least do some research about your account plan.  As it might not be possible to use these services everywhere or you could get your card blocked, the bank thinking someone stole it from you back in the states!

Medication in Los Cabos

It goes without saying that if you require daily medication you should bring this with you. However, it may be ideal to bring only some medication for seasickness, diarrhea, and antihistamines for all kinds of physical pain.  If you have a favorite brand, this is your chance to step up your game.  You may also want to consider bringing some aftersun lotion, as while it’s advisable you avoid getting burnt full stop, accidents do happen, so it’s best to have some emergency relief on hand!

Schedule in advance

Just as we said before, many of the activities are water-based and as such, there are only so many options for you to decide what to do and when.  Scuba diving, taking a sunset cruise and snorkeling are just a few of your options.  Just like you, there’s a lot of people looking forward to this adventure.  Think ahead and be prepared, search and investigate in your phone or computer about the things you want to do, the best’s day to do so and the available schedules.  With so many options you won’t have to worry much, there’s one activity perfect for each one of you.  Just make your reservation and enjoy Los Cabos

Not only this information will give you a heads-up to prepare for your next Cabo trip, but it will also give you ideas on what else could be needed according to your needs.  Turn this incredible opportunity into a memory of a lifetime, now that you know what to bring on your Cabo vacation!

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