Visit Cabo with a large group: Bring your family and friends to Cabo!

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It is very important to find a destination with many things to do when you’re traveling with a big group. Are you trying to make it exciting for everyone?  Don’t worry!  Luckily for you, when you visit Cabo with a large group, you’ll find great options for everyone, even for the most exotic tastes.

Whether it’s a business trip, traveling with a club or school, or just your big family and some friends, come visit Cabo with a large groups for an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Visit Cabo with a large group? No problem!

In this post, I’ll tell you everything you have to know to plan a great trip to visit Cabo with a large group.  No matter the ages or the wages, there’s something for everyone.  Without a doubt and memorable experience awaits in this magical city full of adventures.

Explore the Sea of Cortez when you visit Cabo with a large group

There’s an infinite number of reasons why you should come down to Cabo San Lucas with a large group.  One of the main reasons though, is the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Right off the coast, with its cliffs and reefs, it contains one of the most diverse ocean wildlife in the world.  Many marine biologists come from all over the world to study the unique ocean surrounding the city.  The Sea of Cortez during the winter months gets slightly cooler to the perfect temperature to host the migrating Humpback and Gray whales.  A special moment you can come down and glimpse for yourself in the company of your traveling group!

Water-Based Activities

As I mentioned before, Cabo San Lucas is well known for its diversity in flora and fauna.  Take advantage of this unparalleled ecosystem in three different ways.  First, you can take a sailboat tour and see the beauty of both the land and sea from the pristine waters.  There are tours almost every hour of the day, and of course, you can’t miss the famous sunset tours that offer some of the most wonderful sights you can enjoy. Most of these tours provide open bars, light lunches, and snacks for all passengers.

Now that you’ve got on a boat out to sea, you can go snorkeling too, tropical fishes and enormous reefs full of ocean wildlife as your company.  Along with this, there are also the swimmable beaches for any level of swimming skills, and scuba diving to be done on the same sailboat tours.  Recognized as one of the best scuba diving places, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place for any water activity you can imagine.  Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera, and take home all the amazing captured memories!

Don’t forget about the whales!

From December to March every year, whale watching tours are offered aboard sailboats that’ll allow you to get near these majestic creatures.  Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to sail the sea along with the humpback and gray whales.

The sun, sea, and sand

Thinking that ocean fun is all Cabo has to offer?  Think twice!  Once you’ve had your time in the sea and come back to shore, you’ll find way more adventures to experience.  There are plenty of luxurious spas for you to relax, pick the best amenity and let yourself go in the shallow waters of stress easing activities.

Large group activities ashore

If you’re coming down with a very active group, you can always consider horseback riding trails, zip line excursions or hiking.  All of these activities are an excellent way to enjoy the landscape a bit further from the sea, and they’re easy to accommodate large groups.  If you’re looking to expand your cultural perspective, you can also find educational activities for your group like camel ride tours into the desert or visit some of the local historical villages.  They’ll teach you there how to make tortillas from scratch or taste some authentic tequila, if you’re old enough of course.  There’s plenty of fun and learning for everyone!

Gastronomic pleasures

There are plenty of great places to eat in Cabo.  No matter your budget or your food preferences you can find it all there.  Going from some of the world’s top Mexican restaurants in the resorts, to the traditional cuisine from the food stands in every corner when you’re downtown.  Try the traditional fish tacos which there’s no need to mention they’re world-famous.  You can expect excellent seafood from most of the restaurants there, guaranteed!

Get great food on a budget!

If you’re coming with a big group, you might be looking for food on a budget.  Asi & Asado is a Mexican grill known for its excellent tacos.  Doggy Style is an American food restaurant, yes you can find American food, and is quite popular in town.   Mariscos La Palmita offers you delicious Mexican seafood dishes that won’t mess with your economy.  If you need something quick for everyone, Tacos Guss offers fast Mexican food, and lots of tacos recommended by the locals.  There are plenty of bars in town as well, you can also sign up for wine-tasting tours.  Take a chance to try the local top-quality wine in one afternoon.  You’ll find delicious food for any budget, no matter the size of your group!

Whether you’re looking for easy relaxation or adventure, on the water or ashore, Cabo San Lucas will delight your group and bring them shared memories that’ll draw them closer and keep them together for years to come.

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