Race for Cabo Kids: Run for a great cause in this incredible race

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Welcome back to Los Cabos Agent blog, this time we’re gonna talk about a very special event that’s happening on March 29th in Cabo.  In San Jose del Cabo in the main city stadium, we’re having the Race for Cabo kids.  It’s a children’s race in which we’re expecting 1,500 kids participating.  This is a fundraiser race that’ll allow the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation to help the vulnerable sectors of Cabo.  Keep reading this post and learn more about Race for Cabo Kids, who’s this race going to help, and how!

Race for Cabo Kids

This is the first time a fundraiser-race like this is ever organized in Los Cabos, and from now on this is going to be an annual event.  This race is specially organized for the kids.  It’ll start early in the day with the kid races of 100, 200 and 400 meters.  Then, after that, we’ll have the 2k, 5k, and 10k race for everyone else interested in participating.  This is an event for the whole family to come and have fun!  Also, they’re trying to get sponsors for these kids, and the good news is anyone can be a sponsor!

Race for Cabo kids as it’s having many sponsors from all the Cabo area plus 1,500 kids participating and many more adults running in the different marathons, it’s expecting to have many participants.  They’re looking ahead to raise around 60-70 thousand dollars and this will all go to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.  What this foundation will do with those funds is to implement 2 new buses on a ride service 5 days a week to the kids from the outskirts of town that need critical medical services and can’t get them because of lack of transportation.

CRIT in La Paz

As it’s well known in Mexico, yearly there’s a Telethon event just like the Jerry Lewis telethon in the United States.  With the funds raised from this program the Mexican telethon builds ‘’CRIT’s’’.  These CRIT’s are special attention and rehab centers for vulnerable sectors of the community and people with physical disabilities.  In La Paz, you can find one of the newest and most incredible CRIT’s in all of Mexico, it is attending a lot of people from around the Baja California Sur state but, more than 400 people stopped receiving the medical support because they’re not able to go there every day because they don’t have the ways to transfer to this place.

A bit more about Los Cabos

Baja California Sur is a very special state in Mexico because it’s surrounded by the magnificence of the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.  The spectacular placement of this location makes it a true paradise between two seas.  It doesn’t matter what type of trip you’re planning to do, Los Cabos has the ideal environment for all tastes.  Los Cabos’ laid-back lifestyle is of easy access, making events and adventures in the area a stress-free experience from start to finish!

Running for a great cause

For this event, our sponsors are also looking to go for more kids that can’t make it to the race because of transport and bring them into town.  This way these kids can feel part of the community and say ‘’Hey, we’re in this together!’’

So now you know, with Race for Cabo Kids this is your opportunity to have fun with your whole family while you do some good for the community!  For more information, you can go to race4cabokids.com and see more details about this fun race.  Los Cabos Agent team will be there, so expect to see us running side by side in the hopes of change for better in the community of Cabo!

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