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Whether you visit Cabo frequently, or it’s your first time going there, uncover even more about this magnificent Mexican destination from someone you can trust:  Nick Fong, founder and Broker of Los Cabos Agent.  Being a 15-year resident and the top Real Estate Broker in Los Cabos, Nick offers a unique insight into living the Cabo lifestyle.  His insightful and entertaining Los Cabos Agent videos always inform you about the important aspects of Cabo.

Nick Fong is excited to share his knowledge and his intriguing experiences in Cabo, with you, on video.  He captures these encounters and events on location, so you’ll really get what makes them so special.  Also, he provides outstanding information about Cabo and what’s happening in his picturesque Mexican village by the Sea.  So, read on to uncover Nick Fong’s Los cabos Agent Videos.  Then, be sure to watch them for yourself.  Nick is very much in tune with Cabo, at Land’s End.

Los Cabos Agent videos

As you scroll through these Los Cabos Agent videos, just click on the title to open each VLOG post.  There, you can read the content and watch each of the Los Cabos Agent videos.

So let’s begin…

The best time to buy in Cabo REVEALED

You might be wondering when the best time is to buy in Cabo.  Right now, being November 2019, we can say that any time of the year is a great time to buy!  But, many people think that it’s during the summer, because of the slower flow of tourism.  There’s truth to that.  Hence, summer is a good time to buy property in Cabo.  Also, most people expect to make this process happen fast during summertime due to the reduced activity.  Therefore, speaking seasons, buying a property in summer feels like it’s the best option.

Summer is when you’ll find some sellers looking to unload for fair prices. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to find something for three or five percent lower than the regular listing price.  Of course, October and November are when the high season starts every year.  At Los Cabos Agent, we’re already feeling the peak of real estate options and values!

The Louis XIII experience: Join the exclusive tasting and sailing adventure in Cabo

All aboard! Come along with us, in this post, to learn about a luxurious sailing experience you can only find in Cabo San Lucas. This is The Louis XIII experience, an exclusive fine drinks tasting and sailing adventure. Thinking about the most selective tastes, this one-of-a-kind sunset trip was arranged for you to enjoy! Counting with a small group of people and starting in Cabo’s Marina, this sailing enterprise goes as smooth as you’d expect.  This is truly an experience you don’t want to miss when you visit Cabo.

Created in 1874, the LOUIS XIII cognac is an inimitable blend of up to 1,200 exclusively Champagne wine spirits.  This is a special drink slowly aged in an oak barrel with each bottle individually numbered. The design of this special bottle is inspired by the original design of a 16th-century French metal flask.

Best season in Cabo is here! Come enjoy the great weather at Land’s End

The first days of October are where the high season begins in Cabo, and the reasons are plenty!  For one, the weather still is warm enough to be out at the beach comfortably taking the sun. This advantage gives an opening for many events to happen and bring in even more visitors from around the world.  Discover when’s the best season in Cabo and why!

Given the great weather that the last days of summer give, it’s the perfect time for many events and festivals to happen in Cabo.  First, you’ll have the world-famous Bisbee’s fishing tournament. Also, Jimmy Hagar’s birthday is this month!  Well known for being part of the famous rock band Van Halen, this rockstar loves spending his time in Los Cabos to party and play in different venues.  These are the kind of examples that launch the high season in Los Cabos, and most of all in the real estate flow and values.

Medical services in Cabo: Dr. Mangino is your best source for orthopedics

Medical tourism might not sound like a familiar term to you, but over the last few years, the search for medical services in Cabo has become an important reason for people from other countries to visit.  So, what exactly is medical tourism?  Uncover the facts about this interesting journey and why you should choose Dr. Gerardo Mangino.

Medical tourism is, basically, traveling abroad for specialized or more-affordable medical care.   Nowadays, thousands of Americans, Canadians, and people from around the world are crossing the border into Mexico to get quality and affordable medical services.  And, one of the most visited cities for this activity is Los Cabos.  There’s no doubt about its touristic fame.  But lately, people have realized just how easy and economical their medical services in Cabo can be.  Just imagine paying one-third of the price for the same great service while visiting such a beautiful place!

Among the medical services in Cabo you can receive, one of the best facilities all-around is for orthopedics like Hip and Knee Replacement.

Baja Cantina: Experience the best of Cabo overlooking the famous marina

Are you ready for breakfast?  Head over to Baja Cantina, overlooking the famous Cabo San Lucas Marina to wake up and smell the coffee.  Their breakfast is second-to-none.  And, you can enjoy it in a friendly atmosphere with great views and a genuine Cabo mystique.  So, if you’re heading to Cabo, plan on starting your day dockside.  This is where the sea gulls sing their morning calls and the calm waters reflect the early sunrise.

But there’s more!  No matter how delightful breakfast at Baja Cantina can be, there’s nothing quite like their mid-day lunch after shopping and exploring downtown Cabo San Lucas.  During the day, it’s a joy to watch the boats are coming and going.  The activity on the marina is truly mesmerizing.  And that’s not all!  Start your evening with a delicious USDA rib eye steak dinner while gazing at the spectacular Cabo sunset.  This will charge you up and prepare you for the famous Cabo San Lucas nightlife.

Cabo Home Inspector: Gain insight from local professional Anco Medina

When you’re purchasing a beautiful home in Cabo, ensure that you’re getting the home of your dreams and not a future nightmare.  This is where the work of a professional Cabo home inspector saves the day.  To explain, a trained home-inspection specialist checks everything inside and out to reveal all needed repairs before you close the deal.  And if it’s in good shape, your inspection report will show you what needs to be fixed or updated after you get the keys.

In the video, watch Nick Fong’s interview with local Cabo Home Inspector Anco Medina.  The interview takes place in a spectacular home that Nick has listed for sale.  After the interview at the beginning, watch Nick’s quick walk-through to uncover one of the wonderful high-end home options in Cabo.  This house is amazing!

Now, uncover the benefits, what to expect, and some great discounts available through Los Cabos Agent…

Moving to Cabo: Discover what you need to know before moving to Los Cabos

Are you interested in moving to Cabo?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  In the video, get a great overall perspective from Nick Fong’s personal experience along with his extensive professional experience during his 12 years in Los Cabos Real Estate.  You’ll see how Nick moved to Cabo and what communities he recommends, like Pedregal and Las Ventanas, for example.

To learn about a few more resorts and communities in Cabo, check out Los Cabos Resorts: Find the resort in Los Cabos that pleases you the most.

Nick answers good questions for first-time buyers.  And, he responds to questions about selling your property in Cabo and upgrading to something bigger and better.  Also, he talks about financing, which is a work in progress in Cabo.  Finally, he covers the great aspects of Cabo along with some details about taxes and HOAs.

Viceroy Los Cabos: Let intrigue be your guide to our new Viceroy listing

Welcome to Viceroy Los Cabos, an architecturally stunning resort designed by the renowned architect Miguel Angel Aragonés.  His main objective was to take the horizon and bring it into the foreground providing a modern, seamless, panoramic dreamscape.  Recently renovated, all 192 rooms of Viceroy Los Cabos are completely surrounded by water.  There’s nothing else like it!

Located in the San José del Cabo prime Hotel Zone, which is within walking distance of the historic cultural town along the Sea of Cortez, Viceroy Los Cabos’ white-glove amenities are all inclusive.  And, the services include a concierge that will cater to your every whim and valet right at the main entrance.  Then, there are four pools throughout the complex including one adult-only rooftop pool and a stunning infinity-edge reflecting pool.  Finally there are four restaurants and lounges, a rooftop bar, an exquisite world-class spa, and one of the best fitness centers in all of Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas Safety: Is Cabo a safe place to travel in 2019?

One of the most frequent questions from our clients is: “how safe is Cabo San Lucas?”  So, after they fall in love with the beauty of Los Cabos, they decide to buy a house, condo or lot to build the home of their dreams.  Then, before making their purchase, they want to fully understand Cabo San Lucas safety and security.  So, how safe is this area on the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico?  It’s safe for your entire family.  Watch the video to see the facts.

Los Cabos Agent teams with Cabo Sailing to offer a super-exciting promotion

If you’re going to visit Cabo San Lucas, or anywhere in Los Cabos, getting out on the water is a must do!  This is where the giant Pacific meets the “world’s aquarium” – the Sea of Cortez.  So, from whale migrations from Alaska and the abundant sea life to the arch that marks Land’s End – El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, there’s so much to see!  So, watch the video and read more to uncover what Cabo Sailing and Los Cabos Agent have teamed up to offer you.

Los Cabos real estate

Many Americans, Canadians, and people from other countries choose to make Los Cabos, Mexico, their home or vacation home.  So, discover how to purchase your dream home in Los Cabos, Mexico by inquiring with the top Real Estate Broker in Los Cabos: Nick Fong, who’s been featured many times on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

See Nick Fong in action on his Los Cabos Agent YouTube Channel.  His videos are posted on the Los Cabos Agent VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Los Cabos Agent videos:

Visit Los Cabos soon

Thank you for reading Los Cabos Agent Videos: Uncover more about Cabo from Nick Fong himself, written by Greg Hixon of RE/MEX Image.  Be sure to read other posts about Los Cabos on the Los Cabos Agent blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Los Cabos, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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