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Things to do for seniors in Cabo: Enjoy leisure by the sea!

Are you a senior looking for sunshine, sand, and leisure by the sea?  You’ve come to the right place.  With such an abundance of activities for seniors in Cabo, this is important to reveal.  It’s time to enjoy your… Read More

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Enjoy the most popular beach in Cabo: Chileno Bay

Chileno Bay is absolutely the most popular beach in Cabo!  And, it’s definitely an underwater paradise that is surrounded by untouched landscapes that only a few have the opportunity to experience. Discover everything you have to know about… Read More

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Kayaking in Cabo: Uncover the best places to kayak in Cabo

Kayaking in Cabo is one of the favorite water activities in the area!  The extraordinary journey atop a kayak leads to whimsical places yet to be discovered.  Try this ecological sport and have fun in the pristine waters of the… Read More

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Uncover the best water activities in Cabo

Cabo is truly a beautiful tropical location.  And, this can only mean that there’s a lot of water-related activities.  This for sure brings lots of tourists from around the world.  Every year, they all search to try some of… Read More

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Watch the Cabo Sea turtles get released for some fulfilling memories

Each summer around June and July, the beaches of Los Cabos are embellished with one of the most amazing moments of the Sea of Cortez.  Several different species of Cabo Sea turtles return ashore to make their nests.  Then,… Read More

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Shopping in Cabo: discover how to do it the right way!

Los Cabos is well known for its tropical weather and the beautiful beaches surrounding the region.  But, there’s a hidden secret that only a few know about:  Cabo shopping opportunities.  Yes, in Los Cabos, shopaholics discover that they can… Read More