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Los Cabos Agent Videos: Uncover more about Cabo from Nick Fong himself

Whether you visit Cabo frequently, or it’s your first time going there, uncover even more about this magnificent Mexican destination from someone you can trust:  Nick Fong, founder and Broker of Los Cabos Agent.  Being a 15-year resident and the top… Read More

The best time to buy in Cabo REVEALED

You might be wondering when the best time is to buy in Cabo.  Right now, being November 2019, we can say that any time of the year is a great time to buy!  But, many people think that… Read More

The Louis XIII experience: Join the exclusive tasting and sailing adventure in Cabo

All aboard!  Come along with us, in this post, to learn about a luxurious sailing experience you can only find in Cabo San Lucas.  This is The Louis XIII experience, an exclusive fine drinks tasting and sailing adventure. Thinking… Read More

Best season in Cabo is here! Come enjoy the great weather at Land’s End

The first days of October are where the high season begins in Cabo, and the reasons are plenty!  For one, the weather still is warm enough to be out at the beach comfortably taking the sun. This advantage… Read More

Los Cabos Agent: 2019 Second Quarter Market Report

Los Cabos Agent it’s someone you can trust, and as such we are more than happy to share with you our 2019 second quarter market report. Nick Fong, the founder of Los Cabos Agent, is excited to reveal… Read More

Medical services in Cabo: Dr. Mangino is your best source for orthopedics

Medical tourism might not sound like a familiar term to you, but over the last few years, the search for medical services in Cabo has become an important reason for people from other countries to visit.  So, what… Read More