Top nine Cabo travel tips that will keep you prepared

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It’s well known the Cabo San Lucas’ fame for its beautiful beaches and vibrant life.  But, traveling to Cabo it’s only the first step to take for an unforgettable experience.  There’s much more to think of besides deciding to go to this fantastic place.  In this post, I’ll throw in your baggage some pro Cabo travel tips and extra knowledge for you to take to Cabo, and therefore, make the best out of your time once you get to this magnificent place.

Top nine Cabo travel tips

Below, I’ll list the top nine Cabo travel tips for you to take into account when it comes to visiting Cabo San Lucas.  It’s ideal to plan ahead and know your dos and don’ts in advance.  So, there’s no wrong turn on what will be the best vacation of your life!

Cabo travel tip #1: Safety first

Whether you consider it common sense or just out of the question, it never hurts to think about safety measures.  Although Cabo San Lucas is a safe city, it isn’t immune when it comes to crime.  But worry not!  Unless you’re a criminal or in a dicey part of town at night, you’ll be perfectly fine as long as you use common sense.  Just be careful, and always ask your hotel which parts of Cabo are safest to visit if you’re planning to go out at night or try something far from the tourist areas.

Exchange your dollars for pesos

US dollars in such a touristic place like Cabo are widely accepted.  However, Cabo San Lucas official currency is Mexican peso.  Therefore, it’s recommended to check for the currency exchange rate before visiting Cabo and before you leave.  Most of the time the rate is very good and you can make your money count for more.  Consider exchanging your pesos for dollars in Mexico and then your leftover pesos back to dollars before you go home.

Respect the wilderness

If you plan to explore the desert, be sure to use a guide.  Spring is perfect to go out in the desert, summer for the beach and winter for whale watching.  These are just some examples of when to visit according to the activities you’re interested in the most.  No matter when you visit Cabo, there’ll always be something special waiting for you.

Enjoy the beach safely

There’s no doubt that beaches are the highlight of Cabo San Lucas.  However, you should never forget that the ocean is an imposing body of water you must respect.  When you’re at these beautiful beaches enjoying water-based activities such as kayaking and snorkeling, always follow the guidelines given by the professionals accompanying you.  And, check out the weather report before you go out in the sea.  You’ll see cordoned areas of the beach sometimes.  So, respect these signs as the water might be too choppy to swim.

Party with precaution, but party hard

If you’re looking to party hard, Cabo is definitely the place to be!  There are lots of people coming down there to drink and have fun.  In case you’re one of these people, interested in partying, no worries!  Just as you’d do in the US drink moderately and always keep an eye of your surroundings.  There’s nothing wrong with alcohol in Cabo.  Just make sure to know your way back to your hotel, and plan in advance how and with whom you’re planning to go back.

Cabo travel tips: local food

You’ll find an immense variety of food and unique dishes in Cabo.  Everyone will be able to find something for their liking.  However, don’t forget that you’re in Mexico and you’ll mostly find Mexican dishes in a lot of the restaurants.  Make sure that you enjoy the authentic Mexican cuisine, just pick the spot and prepared to be gastronomically amazed.

Keep your boarding pass

You might toss away your boarding pass as soon as you get off the plane.  Please don’t!  Better keep it, as it can be used as proof you’re traveling with a certain airline in case this one fails to give you credit for the air miles or you face any problem with delayed or lost baggage.  This is one of the Cabo travel tips that is better safe than sorry.

Make your baggage recognizable

Many travel bags are identical.  And, this increases the risk of taking the wrong bag at the airport.  So, use a color ribbon or some other unique mark to easily identify your bag from the rest.  Also, make sure that your name, address and telephone number is written on your travel label.

Knowing your way around

Always be prepared with the location of the place you’re staying.  Having all of the information on how to get around is a plus!  If you’re going to a destination that you have not visited before, it’ll prove to be very useful knowledge.  Even better if you print out the name, address, and phone number of the hotel or Airbnb.

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