Cabo cruise: Travel to this magnificent destination in style

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Cabo San Lucas is a world-renowned cruise destination.  Arriving there is just the start of an adventure like no other.  See a world of opportunities open before your eyes and submerge yourself into endless fun activities.  From dusk ‘til dawn, you’ll have it all in one place.  You won’t find anything better than this!  This is, undoubtedly, one of the best trips you can take to such an amazing city that has it all!  Read further and discover what adventures Cabo has, just for you.  Also, learn more about the exceptional Cabo cruise-line options you have there.  Book what fits you best!  Then, live the dream and join the adventure of a lifetime on a Cabo cruise.

Arriving from your Cabo cruise

First things first: where will you be when your Cabo cruise sets anchor?  All the Cabo cruise ships anchor on the Bahia San Lucas on the Sea of Cortez.  Starting there, people sail in smaller boats to the Tender dock.  It’s there, the breaking point of the adventure for the day. Walk around in one of the safest and interesting areas there is in the city: Cabos’ Marina.  Overlook the morning view of the marina.  One of the main attractions here according to the early hours will be all the Mexican breakfast delights at reasonable prices.

Get great food for even a greater cheap price, there’s no going wrong for a great start like this.  Whether you feel like having omelets, waffles or a traditional Mexican plate, you’ll find a great selection of dishes around.  Don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day; you’ll definitely need the energies.  However, this is just the start for an awesome day.

Taking a tour

Once you’re on Cabo’s marina, options on tours and organized excursions to the fun parts in town will surround you.  Be prepared and inform yourself through to pick just the right choice for you, if you’re looking for a tour.  According to times, means of transportation and group sizes, you’ll face advantages and disadvantages on each tour.  It’s up to you to decide what fits you best.  Read on and learn the pros and cons of the most famous tours you’ll find starting your day in Los Cabos’ marina.   This complete list will guide you in advance on everything you have to know about these tours.  Enjoy every minute of your travel in a Cabo cruise!

Cabo cruise organized excursion

One of the big pros of this choice is that it’ll work out perfectly with your cruise schedule.  With no interference with your departure and arrival times, this turns into one of the best options for you to get to know Cabo.  Big plus:  You don’t have to worry about times.  These excursions normally start after your arrival in Los Cabos’ marina.  You’ll be coming straight down from the cruise and straight forward into adventure!  No rush and no worries.  Now, for the not so bright part of this option:  facts are that these excursions are usually not included in your Cabo cruise package and turn to be usually expensive.

Another thing is that because of the perfect timing with your cruise schedule, a lot of people will be up to it too.  You won’t be the only one trying to enjoy this adventure and you’ll be on the schedule of your tour guide.  Keep the pace for the rest of the day!  This is a great option relieving you from the hassle of organizing times, but working under someone else’s.

Self-Booked Excursion

On the other hand, you also have the choice of a self-booked excursion.  It’s an adventurous thing to search for the excursions yourself.  You’re free to be very specific on what you’re looking for, but it’s a hassle to schedule everything right.  Also, you’ll have to check the availability of what you choose and you’re dependent on the cruise times too.  But, if you’re organized enough, you’ll undoubtedly make the best out of the time you have.  If this sounds like you, then a self-booked excursion is an amazing option that’ll fit you perfectly.  Moreover, you’ll be able to find more affordable prices as you search deeper into your excursion options.  Lastly but most importantly, the best thing about booking something for yourself is the flexibility you have to decide times, prices and activities.

Daytime activities in Cabo

Originally being a fishing village, the Los Cabos region developed to a slow-paced lifestyle.  Although now it has luxury facilities all around for tourists to come, you’ll still find calm here.  Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo represent the picture you have in mind when thinking of holidays in Mexico.  Definitely, all you could ask for, in a single trip!  Truly, there’s nothing you can’t find, this region has it all for a wonderful time in Mexico.  Next, we’re going to uncover some of the many things you can see and do during the daytime in Los Cabos.  Make the best out of the time you have and let us guide you through your options so you can have a wonderful time with friends and family. 

Stroll around town

One of the easiest things you can do after arriving at the Cabos’ marina is to walk into town.  It’s all about the experience, walk around, find cool spots for yourself, and enjoy what you like.  There are hundreds of stores, cafes and places to be around.  As a result, you’ll find that prices are negotiable, people’s open to conversation and you are welcome to venture around.  Certainly, there’s no better way to live the local lifestyle than going straight to it.

Glass-bottom boat ride

The famous glass-bottom boat ride is a one-of-a-kind in Mexico.  Therefore, expect a unique opportunity to know the Sea of Cortez closely.  For $10 per person, you can take a tour to an outstanding hideaway:  Lover’s Beach.  The perfect place for everyone into the adventurous side!  These tours also take you past the famous Arch, around Land’s End and over to the rougher waters of the Pacific Ocean side in Cabo San Lucas.  The sights are endless in this ride.  You’ll be able to see sea lions, tropical fishes, and exotic birds.  Even whales!  Truly, breathtaking views, so don’t forget your camera!   In addition to all this, if asked, the boat captain can drop you off at Lovers Beach or at Medano Beach. Although you’ll have to swim for a little bit before reaching these magical spots, this is one of the most recommended activities for visitors.


If you’re fond of the fishing sport, you’ve come to the perfect place to do so!  Don’t be concerned about your experience.  Either you’re an expert or a first-timer; the local fisherman will take care of your experience in a very professional way.  There’s no need for you to know a thing about fishing and still catch a great bounty.  You’ll be properly guided and instructed in the timeless art of fishing.  Fish like the pros, with the pros, and claim your dinner fresh straight from the water!

Golfing in Los Cabos

Some Cabo resorts have more than one world-class golf course on their premises.  Certainly, that’s the strongest demonstration of the popularity of Los Cabos as a famous golfing destination.  Jack Nicklaus, the famous designer came down to Los Cabos just to find himself amazed by its beauty.  It was with this that he decided right away to build the first high- class golf course, accompanied by the luxurious service and status of the Quivira resort.  Nicklaus’ sixth golf course in Mexico, it’s one of the best yet too! Next time, you’ll definitely consider this Mexican getaway your next golf destination.

Medano beach

If you walk straight from the marina following the sea line, you’ll eventually get to one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo:  The Medano Beach.  After the drop off from your cruise, you can just walk along and stop at any beach bar or restaurant that seems interesting.  It’s up to you!  Your preferences will guide you through as you find some loud busy places and quieter bars to sip on a beer.

The best thing is, all of these places allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the beach.  Sit and observe the pristine waters.  Ask for food and drinks, so you can use the beach chairs and restrooms without a problem.   Also, there are water sport rentals available from several vendors on the beach.  Or, if you prefer to shop without moving, just sit back and relax in your chair as the walking vendors pass by offering you a variety of products. How much simple can life get than that?

Night activities

Daytime activities are a nice option to enjoy a great part of your day in Cabo.  Luckily for you, there’s still nightlife when the sun goes down on Cabo San Lucas.  You did many things during the day, but you’re ready to keep going at night.  What should you do now?  Before going back to your cruise, there are many options this city offers awaiting for you.  There’s nothing to worry about as I say that this city has it all!  Read on and learn more about the activities you can enjoy when the sun sets but the last part of the day barely begins.

Sunset Cabo cruise

There’s nothing like taking the famous sunset cruise to end your day the right way!  The Cabo sailing options are endless, and will perfectly fit around your schedule.  Cabo offers a whole range of cruising options, allowing you to explore the Sea of Cortez in comfort.  Travel either in a luxury cruise or an affordable boat, both ways will lead you to enjoy such incredible views. In addition to this is that you can get tours for almost every hour of the day.  The most recommended one of course: the sunset cruise.  You can also find other places to enjoy the Cabo Sunset here. 

Night out in Cabo

It’s in the Cabo region, where the Pacific meets the unique Sea of Cortez and also you can find a tourist corridor that stretches for 20 miles offering an incredible glance of Cabos’ nightlife.  We’ve said it before; this place has it all and is ready to please your tastes.  Are you looking for a place to drink tequila with loud music?  Or, are you looking to try the local craft beers and mezcal with some Jazz music in the background?  Los Cabos San Lucas has you covered either way!

Cabo cruise liners

This is the list of the cruise lines with constant trips to Cabo San Lucas and as they dock there, it allows you to live an all-inclusive trip experience on a top-quality service cruise.  Consequently, also gives you the time to live the Los Cabos experience the same as if you were a local.

Some of the Cruise liners are Carnival Pride, Diamond Princess, Island Princess, Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas, Celebrity Infinity, Seabourn Legend, and Crystal Symphony.

There are no more excuses for you not to take an incredible all-inclusive Cruise trip to one of the best cities in Mexico!  Come enjoy Los Cabos San Lucas and discover what one wonderful day can hold for you, for an amazing time there.

Los Cabos real estate

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Take your Cabo cruise soon

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