Best cafes in Cabo San Lucas: Visit Cabo and start your day right

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What better way is there to start your day, than with a cup of coffee!  And what better place to have it like Cabo San Lucas!  There’s really not a better way to start the day than with a fantastic cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the spectacular Sea of Cortez.  Just like you, there are many more coffee lovers who are looking for the best spot to have this famous ancient drink.

Guess what?  You’re in for a treat in this post, as we’ve put together the best coffee shops there are in Los Cabos.  Here, find a thorough list with some of the main information on what every coffee spot offers.  And, find everything from gourmet coffee, coffee cocktails, and pastries.  Of course, you can take the coffee to go or enjoy in an outdoor/indoor seating area that most of these places have.  Keep reading to find the best cafes in Cabo San Lucas.

It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, as long as its coffee.  And Cabo has it all – from smooth and robust Cappucino to a good old cup of American style brewed coffee.  Or, have a cool latte, and flavored coffees boosted with a shot of your favorite liquor.  How about that?  We can assure you, Cabo’s got your back even when it’s hot.  Get an icy frappuccino or iced coffee drink, for example.  Don’t miss the chance to try one of the best cafes in Cabo. Come taste your way to a great day with a cup of coffee in Cabo.

The best cafes in Cabo

The beach and the ocean breeze in the early hours of the morning make the perfect scenario for drinking coffee.  Better yet, at any time of day, being accompanied by a delightful coffee means you’re in heaven.  And you must really be enjoying life if you’re visiting the best cafes in Cabo San Lucas.  This incredible location offers a lovely atmosphere and plenty of places where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee.  If you are a coffee lover, do not forget to order a cup of “café de olla.”  This type of coffee is the typical coffee style of Mexico, freshly ground and prepared in a clay pot with cinnamon.  Not only the cinnamon, but also brown sugar and different spices are the ingredients that give the drink it’s very distinctive Mexican flavor.

A bit of background on Mexican coffee

Coffee grains came to Mexico for the first time at the end of the 18th century. Arriving at the biggest ports at that time, it’s production started spreading in the Southeast part of the country.  The states of Veracruz, Chiapas, Michoacan, and Oaxaca, are ever since the leading producers of coffee beans in Mexico.  Generally, coffee is grown in tropical climates near mountains.  And today, Mexico is the sixth largest world producer of coffee.  This country offers around four million sacks of green coffee per year.

Mexican coffee has a sweet distinctive note on its flavor.  But don’t be fooled!  This coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, which is why the drink can be very strong without being bitter.  Now, imagine this flavor combined with a warm coffee liqueur and a delightful sunrise in the background, and you’re in for a treat!  This and more is what draws tourists from around the world to the tip of the Baja California peninsula.

Cabo San Lucas coffee shop hot spots

We all understand what the beauty of a quality cup of coffee or tea means.  And, if you’re far from home in Los Cabos, or better yet, you call Los Cabos your home, you’ll definitely want to match up your coffee with the best cafes in Cabo.  So, as you enjoy your time in a heavenly place like Cabo, also find the best spots to have your coffe every day.  Here’s a list of the hot spots you can visit when it comes to the best cafes in Cabo.  Keep reading and learn more about where to drink the best coffee in the region!

Cabo Café

Start your morning in paradise with a cup of the most excellent fresh roasted coffee in Baja.  The Cabo Coffee Company is a gathering lace for both local and visiting coffee connoisseurs.  Cabo Coffee is fresh roasted daily and packaged right there in Cabo!  One of their main quality trademarks is that they roast only shade-grown 100% certified organic Arabica beans.  These are grown in the rainforest, high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Oaxaca in Mexico.  You can already imagine with this the quality of taste and flavor for the Cabo Cafè’s coffee.

If you’re interested in seeing the roasting and packing process for yourself, visit their main facilities to do so.  The roasting facility and administrative offices are located on the road to Todos Santos.  They roast their coffee there daily to make sure that every customer gets the best quality coffee around!

Find the coffee shop in Lazaro Cardenas Avenue near the corner of Hidalgo, 23450, in Cabo San Lucas.  They’re open Monday to Saturday from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.  And a phone where you can call is 01 624 144 4777.

Café El Jarro

Excellent location, delicious flavor, and aromas, describes “El Jarro Cafè.”  Visit them and enjoy a delicious espresso, American or a latte, all of this accompanied by a sumptuous breakfast, lunch, or a snack.  They beat other places for their well-known service and quality.  You will be attended by the very owners making you feel like you’re the most important client.  They’re open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Find them behind the hotel Casa Dorada in Cormoranes. This hot spot is definitely one of the best cafes in Cabo.

Café Sirena

Eat and drink just as if you were in your grandma’s house! In this picturesque spot in Los Cabos, expect nothing but a cozy experience.  Colorful designs in and around a rustic local house make Cafè Sirena a fantastic place to visit.  Enjoy homemade breakfast or lunch, and of course, freshly made quality coffee.  It’s no doubt that this is one of the best cafes in Cabo.  Find Sirena Cafè in Paseo De La Marina Boulevard, in Cabo San Lucas. Their phone is 01 624 143 8374.

Casasola Cafè

The Casasola coffee shop opened its doors in 2009.  And ever since, they’ve been listed as one of the best brunch breakfast restaurants in Los Cabos.  Also at Casasola Café, they know how important it is to start your day with rich coffee, brewed from the best roasted coffee beans.  And then there’s the location.  You definitely want to be in a beautiful, cool place like this cafe.  Casasola has live jazz  music that accompanies every sip of coffee you enjoy!  The experience of the chef and the service of the staff will ensure you have an unforgettable stay when you finish your mornings there.

Find Casasola Café on Miguel Hidalgo street and 20 de Noviembre on Revolucion in Cabo San Lucas.  Their phone is 01 624 143 4616, and you’ll find them open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 pm.

Delight Café

Find here a European-style coffee house featuring 100% Arabic gourmet coffee imported from Colombia.  This place has an extensive menu with an excellent selection of espresso specialties, frappe coffees, teas, infusions, and chais.  Also, they have a daily selection of freshly-baked pastries and bread.

Delight Cafe was born of the idea of Cristobal and Gabriela Tortosa.  They first arrived in Los Cabos back in 1992.  They saw the need to fill a niche in Cabo for outstanding coffee, great service, and an elegant, inviting atmosphere.  All of that is exactly what they offer there!  They are located in the Plaza Embarcadero on Boulevard Marina Manzana 6 in Cabo San Lucas.  Don’t miss out on this cool place!

Fumari Lounge

In the heart of Cabo San Lucas, across from Puerto Paraiso Mall, you will find Baja’s only Hookah bar.  Featuring a charming atmosphere, chill-out music, delicious cocktails, and more than 20 hookah flavors, Fumari offers everything from delightful coffee to a great selection of mojitos, martinis, and local brews on tap.  It’s a wonderful Lounge Experience!

Find Fumari Lounge in Lázaro Cárdenas across the street from Plaza Puerto Paraíso in Cabo San Lucas.  They’re open from Monday to Thursday from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am

The Coffee Factory

Located within the Puerto Paraiso Plaza, get some fresh coffee in a great place.  This cafe not only serves amazing fresh coffee, but also, it offers a splendid place to spend your time.  Have a coffee on your own or with friends – this place is perfect for it.  The Coffee Factory is in El Medano Ejidal in Cabo San Lucas. You can call them too: (624) 143-7920

The Italian Coffee Co.

If you’re into the Starbucks variety of sweet drinks and coffee, this is the perfect place for you.  Managing a similar concept, this company is 100% Mexican and from Los Cabos.  So now you know, you have all this variety for you to choose from.

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