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Villa Pitaya: Building a $1.4 million dollar home with Nick Fong from Los Cabos Agent!

Welcome back to this incredible Los Cabos Agent project: Villa Pitaya.  We’re coming back to you on this episode two of building an incredible home in the Pedregal community in Cabo San Lucas.  We’ve seen some changes that we’re about to talk about in this post.  Don’t forget that here in Los Cabos Agent, together with you, we’ve embarked on a new and exciting project.  This is an exclusive complex built within the residential area of Pedregal.  And, this is a project where we’re building a $1.4 million home with Nick Fong in which you’ll be a part of it too.  Also, find out if your recommendations for the construction process came true!

Villa Pitaya in Pedregal

In the first chapter you chose the floor tiles and to leave the stone walls uncovered within some of the rooms inside the villa. This and many more choices are the ones you’ll be able to help us make, along with Nick Fong and Rebeca Curiel, every week in Villa Pitaya at Pedregal.  Follow us on this series and see the progress of this construction.  In this chapter, we can tell that the roof is done on almost all of this amazing villa.  That means that this part of the building it’s ready to take all the support pillars to keep on going with this project.

Furthermore, Nick Fong along with Rebeca Curiel show us first the garage under construction.  We can see from the video a driveway going into an enormous garage.  Just to put it in perspective, the garage roof will be holding six bedrooms on top!  Then, as we move inside the Villa, we’ve received plenty of comments and suggestions for arrangments, and mostly for this area.  Remember in the first chapter when we asked you about this area?  And, accordingly, to your suggestions, the developers are going to build a fireplace on the right-hand side against a bottom wall.  Then you’ll have a cactus wall next to the fireplace giving the whole space a nice desert vibe.  Lastly, summed to all the details mentioned before, there’ll be a comfy sitting place in the middle.  There will also be some nice water features in this same room that were inspired by the Waldorf Hotel in the Pedregal.  The cool thing about it all is that you as a viewer and costumer of Los Cabos Agent have decided to do it this way!

It’s all in the details

Moving forward around the house, we go to the outside into an amazing terrace.  This terrace is now in the process of being floored and prepared for the poolside area next to the outdoor kitchen – Yes, there’s an outdoor kitchen!  The design on the outside is going to have a nice white and gray stone and exposed rock combination for the walls.  There’ll also be plenty of sitting space, and of course, the amazing view comes included with the whole package.  The main characteristic of Villa Pitaya will definitely be the natural rock walls.  You’ll see them a lot along with the main rooms of this home, letting plenty of natural light sink in through the natural mountain quarry, illuminating in a great organic way.

Los Cabos real estate

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Los Cabos Agent on YouTube

See Nick Fong in action on his Los Cabos Agent YouTube Channel.  Find his videos on the Los Cabos Agent VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Los Cabos Agent videos:

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Lot / Land For Sale in North Los Barriles, Los Barriles

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Perfect for Residential-Condos-Resort Development

•  20901.75 sqm lot / land FOR SALE  USD3,420,000 . Best Beach Development Lot -North End Los Barriles
MLS® 20-1054

Los Barriles Ocean Front Developer’s Parcel: Developer opportunity for large beachfront parcel with huge potential in Los Barriles. Includes 94 meters of ocean front with 4 beachfront lots, 2nd row parcel with 6 vacation casitas, pool, & caretakers house, and 3rd row parcel with 8 residential lots & 1 three bedroom house, Located between Los Barriles beach road & ocean., this property is perfect for high end residential development, condominiums, boutique resort, or a mixed use ocean front development project. Existing infrastructure includes access roads & utilities (water & CFE). This is one of the only beachfront developer’s parcels left in the north end of the fast growing Los Barriles/Buena Vista Beach community. Won’t last long !

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